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drank Dragonwell by Min Shan En
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Very good and very well-rounded. Nothing stood out in particular about this this tea other than quality. A bit sweet and a bit toasty. Strong taste but light on the bitterness. Full flavor and smells nice. Balance in the name of the game here, and it comes out great.

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drank Dragonwell by Min Shan En
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Okay, looking for my first cup of tea this morning. For me it must be green and it must be really good. I rarely reach for a sample for my first cup just on the off chance it’s not good. I did this morning. Pulled out this one from Liquid Proust. I’ve never had a bad dragonwell so I thought let’s give it a try.

LOVED this dragonwell. The nutty chestnut notes would seem to change in the mouth and release a fruity note along with it. Every cup was heaven. Loved this so much I did a second infusion (something I rarely do with greens) but alas, it’s not the same. 2nd cup is good but no intense chestnut notes or fruity notes at all. In fact the 2nd cup is more typical of some other dragonwells I’ve had with a bit of nuttiness , smooth, & a bit buttery. After getting over my initial disappointment that it wasn’t like the first cup, I really enjoyed the 2nd cup too.

Still, I am giving this a high rating. It’s a rare dragonwell.

Flavors: Chestnut, Fruity

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Dragonwell by Min Shan En
1113 tasting notes

So I’m window shopping in Tokyo and come across a Chinese tea store… with the amount of sencha I have I decided to go for it. In that store I found the best smelling oolong I have ever held… and I’v had 70 something oolongs before. Anyways, I did what I normally do: I looked for the most expensive tea to see what it was. I looked at the sample, some tiny flat leaf with pink lines in it… what the heck is that? Tuns out it was Dragonwell that sat in a display case way too long. This store sold teas in 50g tins but the Dragonwell was only 30 and cost more then all the other teas. I was like “dangit, I have to”, so I bought it. I didn’t find out it was Dragonwell until I opened the package up that I bought. Quite a strong smell and I may have snapped the package open and split tea :/ but only may have…

This is a wonderful cup of tea. It’s sad because this company has nothing online about them which drives me crazy… I’m enjoying this slowly :)
The leaf hasn’t lost its fragrance since I brewed them 2 hours ago which has been enjoyable as well.



You bought that oolong, right?

Liquid Proust

I absolutely bought that oolong… I am keeping it unopened until I get back because teas I really like I devour. I had the Momo Surpreme Oolong by Lupcicia and drank an ounce within two weeks along with other teas. I’m quite upset that this company has no website though because I swear that oolong smell was superb.

Liquid Proust

(I also bought some other oolong that had no sample… I have no clue what is in that package so it’s a surprise for me which I rarely do for myself)

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