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A bubble tea that I had during the week – the kind prepared without milk, and with lots of black tapioca pearls instead of the fruit jellies that I normally order from this place. It was really quite good; maybe the best I’ve had from them thus far!? I could taste the black tea, although it was nothing fancy, and with the lemon/kumquat combo it very much had the feel of typical Southern style lemon iced tea, but with more tang and a bit of a tropical undertone/vibe.


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Ordered dumplings again earlier in the week, because dumplings are amazing. Of course I got my standard bubble tea with my dumplings, and I chose honeydew because I thought it would be a nice sweet and Spring-ish flavour. I thought this was actually really gross though; one of the worst bubble teas I’ve ever had! The black tea was WAY strong than the honeydew and it tasted very bitter with a sort of harsh, burnt sugar note. The honeydew tasted essentially like someone had poured a shot of honeydew syrup in a very, very poorly steeped cup of black tea. The whole thing had an undertone of coffee, which was a very unwelcome flavour note.

Certainly wont be ordering Honeydew from this shop again…

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drank Banana Milk Tea by Meiwei
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Ordered dumplings for lunch at work earlier in the week, and nabbed a bubble tea from the shop as well since I really enjoyed the Green Apple flavour from this shop that I had tried previously. This time the banana, unlike the green apple, was a milk tea and not one of the kinds that is a little more “juice” like. It tasted pretty good, but definitely had that intense and borderline sickly sweet artificial banana profile that certainly is NOT for everyone. Also, it tasted a little bit burnt? Probably the black tea; it wasn’t terrible but had that feel of caramelized sugar that has been pushed for just a touch too long and now is somewhere in between caramelized sugar and straight up burnt sugar. It also came with fruit jellies instead of tapioca, which is totally fine – but the jellies were lychee flavoured and I just sort of felt like the lychee didn’t compliment the banana.

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One of the cool things about living in a huge city like Montreal is the rapid expansion of restaurants/cafe/bubble tea shops/etc that I have access to! I really, really want to check out a ton of the bubble tea places but I think much of that exploration will have to wait until Spring/Summer and warmer weather. However, there are a couple places on Uber Eats and so I’ve been trying some of them out – including this company, which serves dumplings and bubble tea.

This is one of those bubble teas that’s made without milk; and instead of tapioca pearls it had little lychee fruit jellies in the bottom. It was amazing though; the right mixture of black tea notes, distinctly green apple notes, and this sort of refreshing “juice” like quality. Plus, the sweet, juicy, and floral lychee was a nice compliment to the more tart and crisp green apple flavour. I don’t know that I’ve ever had an apple flavoured bubble tea before, and honestly part of me expected it to be really plain and boring. This was super well done though, and I greatly enjoyed it!

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