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Five more days to go peoples and everything is starting to come together! I am completely spoilt as our company moves us which means no packing, loading or worrying about how our stuff is going to get half way across the country…. AGAIN!! To anyone that’s had to do all the hard work themselves, I salute you! It’s one of the most stressful things anyone could ever do!

This is a tea I picked up while back in Oz about 12 months ago now and its really stood up to the test of time. Its a perfect breakfast tea and it honestly tastes best with milk and a touch of sugar. Its got a nice amount of malt and caramel and goes great with strawberry jam and toast. Not something I would rush out to buy again as I have a ton of good breakfast teas but its one that never disappoints when I’m in the mood for something satisfyingly traditional.


that’s awesome!

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This is currently my favourite black tea. Just the right depth of flavour, brisk but not too strong. Refreshing.

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