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I think I liked the cranberry from this company better, but this was still good. A little soft, and reminded me more of a fizzy lemonade than a kombucha. I’d drink it again if I was in the mood for something lighter and refreshing though – I think the lighter lemon in this is nicer than some of the lemon kombuchas that are just super intense or, even worse, paired with ginger…

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drank Cranberry by Luxia Kombucha
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You absolutely cannot deny that this Kombucha had stunning packaging; but the flavour of the tea itself really did leave something to be desired. I struggled to place exactly what about it tasted off to me – but ultimately I think it was just lacking body/depth. It was a simple, tart cranberry – but I think it needed a little bit sweetness and a little more acidity.

Just a so-so sort of tea.

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