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While I am reviewing this tea a fancy Black and White Pirate movie is playing in the background, even though it takes place in British ruled Caribbean there is a serious lack of tea and a serious amount of period incorrect parasols. One of the tragic problems with movies at times that I can at least halfway correct, with tea. Luckily the kind people at Lurve Tea sent me a fine bag of tea of their tea to sample.

The aroma of Lurve Tea’s Original is deliciously mellow with a slight touch of maltiness. There is a note of the brightness you can find in ceylon teas that really blends well with the malt notes. A very standard black blend aroma with more of a mellow tone. Very refreshing!

Once steeping the tea takes on a rich nuttiness that mixes well with the underlying maltiness and brightness. I have to admit this tea smells delightful and I cannot wait to drink it!

I decided to brew this British style, meaning a touch of sugar and a splash of cream. A very rich taste with no bitterness or astringency. This is a wonderful tea to wake up with, so I feel a bit bad for drinking it late in the evening instead of first thing in the morning. This tea is exquisitely smooth and excellently blended, the taste is malty and mildly sweet. Delicious!

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