La Bonne Fille

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Got this as a free sample back during Toronto Tea Festival, but I’ve put off trying it because I’m not really a chamomile person at all. I figured travel was a good excuse to try it though, so I ended up having it as a very late night cup of tea back at my hotel. I found myself surprised how strong the cinnamon note was! It didn’t totally mask the chamomile, but it did a pretty good job which made it more appealing to me. Still not a favourite, but it was comforting having something warm and cozy to end the night with.

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One of the teas I picked up from Toronto Tea Festival.

Gonna be honest, I’ve been curious about this company for a while thanks to their IG presence. However, seeing the teas in person at the festival I was a bit underwhelmed. However, this one smelled quite good so I decided to give it a fair shot. It was nice, though soooo familiar tasting. Sweet candy-type blueberry flavour with a floral undertone. Medium bodied, and smooth as silk.

Hard to say for sure without doing a side by side ingredient comparison, but I feel like it might just be a beautifully packaged up catalog blend – possibly one I already own under a different tea brand’s name. Ultimately not a bad thing though since I enjoy the profile a lot, and now I (likely) have a LLT version and a sachet version which is pretty convenient. I can just drink whatever form I’m in the mood for.

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