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Beorhthraefn included a packet of this in the Secret Pumpkin package. Thank you!

Brewed in an infuser mug. The packet contains loose, fine-grain ginseng, which dissolved while being steeping. This tasted very strange. Sweet, also kind of bitter. It was weird sweetness. I want to say I quickly learned I didn’t like it, but I drank about 3/4 of the cup trying to discern what I was tasting. I tossed the rest away at some point.

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Bought this last year thinking it was teabags. It is a package of small packets of powdered ginseng tea. It has a flavor that I have never encountered before and don’t know where to begin describing it except to say it is bittersweet while only being a small touch bitter, just barely. I bought this last year on a trip into Chinatown at Ten Ren Tea. Ten Ren Tea is an interesting store although their store in Flushing only carries half of what their store in Manhatten carries. I really don’t know what to think of this tea. I could not list the ingredients in the tea description because most of them are not in the catalog.

The tea contains, Glucose, Korean Red Ginseng Root Extract, Lactose, Jujube Fruit Extract, and Ascorbic Acid.

This is perhaps the oddest tea in my cupboard.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 6 g 14 OZ / 414 ML

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