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drank Moringa by Jiva Thai
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I have some rather mixed feelings about Moringa.
My aunt took the capsules when she was fighting cancer. It helped, to be sure… (being at a much higher concentration) but she lost the battle a year or so later.
Anyhow, I got a bit emotional when drinking this so my review will be a bit vague!
The flavour was interesting. Deeply vegetal, with a topnote of something roasted, and another that reminds me of something mineral-ish, like what you would get from a fresh mountain spring!
Overall, I’d say its a pleasant, comforting cup. Something to drink before bed even.
Also, maybe I should have used a strainer, as I bought the powder, and it ended up a bit grainy in my cup. Perhaps even using a whisk would help.
Next time, I’ll try it in one of my smoothies :)

RIP Aunt V, I miss you tons.


I’m so sorry about your aunt. :(


Thx <3
I’ve been thinking about her alot the last few days. It’s been over a year already.


Thx Incendiare. It’s been over a year already…

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