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This has a bitterness and astringency that were surprising for an iced tea in a dispenser on a cafeteria line next to a soda fountain. I was surprised when I took my first sip. It tastes like it is steeped in water that is too hot, but not hot enough to get seaweed flavors. There is a nice melon/fruity flavor underneath the strong bitter taste and then other green tea flavors. Pomegranate? I can’t taste it.

I’m not sure I would have thought to pair melon and green tea, but I like the idea. I think they complement each other well. Melon sometimes has a bitter taste when you get too close to the rind, and those bites are just as “melon” as the ones that are all melon sweetness.

This was great to have with lunch on a 95 degree August day. It’s also great to get iced tea at a deli that tastes like tea and is unsweetened.

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