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drank Rosengarten by JagerTee
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This is one of the teas that I brought back from my latest trip to Europe. I found it in a neat little tea shop in Vienna called JagërTee. First of all, Vienna is an incredible city. It was really hot when I was there and I found this tea shop walking towards a museum from the hotel. I was with my entire family at the moment, so I decided to come back on my own because I knew that I would be taking a while looking through their teas. They had a huge variety as well as a nice little shop with a tea room adjacent to it. I took my time and chose a few teas. This one was love at first sight.

The dry tea is beautiful, no doubt the prettiest and most feminine I have yet to encounter. The elegant black tea leaves are decorated with tiny rose buds, rose petals and slivered almonds. The scent is breathtaking. It smells like fresh made marzipan with rosewater, mouthwatering and delicate at the same time.

While brewing, it truly fills up the room with a freshly baked pastry scent that mingles in the air for quite a while. The brewed tea is amazing. It tasted rich and has a thick sensation to it. Almost as if you were drinking almond milk. I had it slightly sweetened and it was one of the most tantalizing tea experiences I have had so far. The marzipan flavor with the rose water scent make it a delicate tea with a rich involving flavor while the thickness of the almond makes it creamy.

The black tea base was well chosen. It gave it the right amount of bitter to keep it from being an overwhelmingly sweet blend. It has a honey aftertaste that works well with the flavoring of this tea.

I regret not buying more of this tea… I doubt I will ever get a chance to get it ever again… If you ever go to Vienna, I highly recommend going to JagërTee and looking for this blend. If you happen to get enough to share with me, that would be even better!!! :)

On an unrelated note, my boyfriend’s brother who lives in Spain and hasn’t been to Ecuador for the past 5 years showed up for a surprise visit to be here for their other brother’s wedding (next Saturday)! It was a neat surprise and I have been busy going back and forth everywhere with them. Last night we went to a magic show that came from Las Vegas (I think…) called “The Illusionists”. It was incredible!!! I have seen magic shows on TV, but being there and seeing it live was a completely different experience! I really enjoyed it!

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“marzipan with rosewater” – that sounds great!


This sounds lovely. And I loved your tasting note, too. =)


Surely you went at Demel’s in Vienna? Did you go for a cup of tea with a Pastry ?

Terri HarpLady

Beautiful review, Nina, & the tea sounds amazing!


soooooo romantic, I love the way you describe it …. sigh :)


Thanks everyone!
@*Ysaurella*- Yep! It was spectacular! I loved the pastries! Everything in Vienna tasted sooo good!

@*Fleurdelily*- Thanks for the link!! Now, I only need to find someone who speaks German to guide me through it1! :)

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