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so, two of these lil’ packets came with my Snakku subscription (slightly off topic: I tried this subscription randomly and have really enjoyed it, it has beautiful presentation, and I’m usually more excited for this box to come in than the yarn subscription I’m doing, and that is a huge deal. I love snacks?) and the first packet was iced and it was okay, I think that I may have overdone it with the water. the resulting matcha was pretty weak. a couple of days ago I made the last packet hot and it was so good! maybe a bit sweet for my taste, but still very enjoyable.

on Tuesday this past week, I had to go to a ‘required’ training that had nothing to do with the work that I do, but was given food! breakfast! a kind of coffee cake and some fruit (I took my water bottle bc there was only coffee) and LUNCH!! sandwiches! and wraps!! they also had sweet tea, which I got thinking ‘it can’t be that sweet’ and also thinking it would wake me up, I forgot that I am literally in TX and there was so much sugar that I wanted to die. comparatively, to that sweet tea, the matcha latte was pretty tame.

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Outside Kyoto station I stumbled across the brightly-lit storefront of Itohkyuemon, which had just opened in autumn of 2013. I tasted some samples and left with a 50g packet of “Kanro” gyokuro for ¥1575 (about $15).

I’m not very familiar with gyokuro teas, but it seems that “Kanro” (甘露) is a designation of the quality. Kanro is somewhere in the middle: not “extra” or “ultra” premium, but perhaps higher grade than your average gyokuro.

The packaging recommends lukewarm water (50°C). I found that slightly warmer water also works well (58°C).

This tea brews up with a nice pale evergreen color that is less yellow than sencha. The wet leaves look like cooked spinach and have a rich vegetal aroma. The liquid is very sweet and tastes like cooked vegetables. Lots of umami.

Some gyokuro I’ve tried are very intense and are an acquired taste. This Kanro is more mild and very easy to drink.

4.2g leaves, 4oz water @ 58°C (136°F), 1 minute 30 seconds.

140 °F / 60 °C 1 min, 30 sec 4 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

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Quality better than average supermarket brands, the Uji matcha is richer in matcha taste and color. However, it lacks sweetness, I add more sweetness to taste. Adding hot water is not delicious and creamy as adding hot milk. I feel it is missing some kick with water. Hot milk brings out the matcha flavor more. Texture is thicker when adding milk. Recommend for those who do not like sweetness.

I would prefer it to have more matcha taste and more sweetness. For me, it is not an instant drink because there is something missing in the balance, I would have to tweak it a little when preparing. When done, it is enjoyable and a relaxing hot drink. Bubbly and delicious. Individually wrapped is easy to carry and it was a good price for 20 sachets.


Please check out my full review with photos:

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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It can also be used to drink hot or cold, as well as mixed with milk. Me, I enjoyed it most of the time mixed with cold water. Very handy when I prepare in a thermos when going out. Just put a few spoons in the flask, add cold water, close and shake! And there you have it, instant matcha green tea on the go! Very refreshing in the hot days.

Recipe written in the back of package is 20g powder for 180cc water, but it is just too sweet! So I add half the powder.

I would prefer it to have more matcha taste/aroma and less sweetness. For me, I added half of the required powder. I did not enjoy it at first, because it doesn’t really taste of green tea, but after a few glasses it was very addicting.


Please check out my full review with photos:

Iced 0 min, 15 sec

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