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drank Sweet Titty Tea by Home Made
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Added to cupboard so I can easily remember to find it :)

Dinah Saur

Nice name. Haha. :D

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This is actually pretty good :) It’s not just tea with milk it is much more creamy and thick, kinda like a strong iced tea latte. it was originally a chai recipe that my hubby made me tweak to his liking because he don’t like any of the spices in the original recipe and wanted it made different lol, he drinks it cold and calls it by this name :)


Hahah love the name! Are you going to go into production and send us samples or let us buy it? :)

Tommy Toadman

lol, nah i just make it for the hubby you don’t have to buy any tho the recipe is easy and pretty quick, you should try it and tell me what ya think ;)


Oh yeah I didn’t even think to look that it may be posted :) thanks!

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Its Formosa Amber Oolong to which I have added a little Lapsang Souchong. i dont break my tea reviews down sip by sip like some so im just not sure how to describe this one, complex maybe? there is alot going on in this one to me so it would take that type of review becuase its like the first 3 sips is? and then the next 5 sips were and the mouthfeel was?? and ect im sure you know what i mean i just dont have time at the moment lol But very Good interesting :) i like it

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drank Fig Leaf Tea by Home Made
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