Hangzhou Qiandao Yuye Tea Co. LTd.

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I had my grandmother over for lunch, and I put a few bits of this in the mini-pot. I’ve learned! Because 1tsp of this is wayy to much, even for my medium tea pot.

Rinsed the leaves first. One pot is literally only enough for two tea cups, so it go refilled multiple times, but had the same nice smooth consistency throughout. It works well this way. The leaves still expand to be nice and big, but because there aren’t too many, they aren’t squished inside and give off too much to the brew.

Color of the liquor is based on how long you brew it, but tends on the green-tan side. Not green like sencha and not too tan like a darker oolong.

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I had to add it because I couldn’t find it. __

This is I suppose what I would call upper tier Asian supermarket tea. The price is not the most expensive on the shelf per oz, but more than the other teas, about $4.99 for 6oz. Which is actually quite cheap for tea comparing to online tea vendors.

Wash the leaves before the first steep. I forgot and it was yuck. After washing though the leaves steeped into a bright oolong flavor, which is funny because I normally associate oolong as a more deep flavor.

The leaves expand alot. A LOT. I think that perhaps you could get away with using less leaf with it then. The leaves uncurled are full leaves, some with the stems still attached.

I’m using a teapot I haven’t used in awhile, it’s a bodum tea pot with one of those tea press mechanisms, however, I just took the infuser out of the pot after steeping. This pot, despite all of its faults, makes me happy because it is bright orange.

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