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I had the tea bag, not a loose leaf.
Trouble here is getting loose leaf samples. If you pick up 50 grams in tea store I am going around every day, they look at you with weird face. Only 50 grams? A minimial amount of tea? Why? Or you just pick up a box of tea, already prepacked.

But this tea I got from exchange. Unfortunately, all I got from it is nothing but black tea. it was okay black tea base, but I did not get any earl grey notes from it. The tea was probably Chinese, as it was quite mellow, rather sweet than bitter. But nothing as bergamot there, unfortunately.

Hopefully, it was just old tea bag and all bergamot oil was gone. Or it was badly wrapped tea bag. Even that could happen. Something like half dipped cookie in chocolate, but completely without chocolate. That happened to me as well :)

I have to try loose leaf as well. So far, no rating.

Flavors: Sweet, Tea

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

There is a tea shop an hour away from me that requires you to buy at least 100 grams of tea. They put together their own samplers of four bags that are 50 grams each. I asked if I could choose my four, and they said yes! Perhaps your tea shop would do this as well.

Martin Bednář

Yeah, maybe it could work. But how I have experience, it would not. Because it is SAID MINIMAL AMOUNT, what do you do not understand?
Oh well…

Mastress Alita

I won’t even do business with tea shops anymore that only have prepackaged bags that are 100g/4 oz. It drives me nuts. I will go to great lengths to find other shops that might be wholesaling the same exact tea but be selling it at 50g/2 oz or smaller because I simply can’t go through large quantities of tea fast enough to keep them at an age I’m happy with.

Martin Bednář

Exactly! Why I should buy 100 grams of tea? What if it turns out not great? Or even worse? 100 grams of loose leaf, it is like 20 single steeps. Maybe even more, because I do not always do 5 grams of tea? I will go through their website and write a list of what I would like to try. I am afraid not much of them.

Because they actually do not stock much of orthodox teas, mostly flavoured blacks or greens. And that is always hit or miss.

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drank Životabudič by Gresik Valdemar
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drank Sedmikvítek by Gresik Valdemar
2977 tasting notes

still trying to kick the cold…

this tea is actually kinda nice (what I can taste of it with a stuffy nose). I’m getting a hint of the orange blossom, and maybe the citronella? (Not sure what it tastes like, just know it’s the scent of bug-repellant candles, etc.)

190 °F / 87 °C 8 min or more

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