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Something else I picked up while grocery shopping as a little treat for myself to drink on the walk home. Basically it was just a bottled matcha latte but boosted with a few different functional ingredient, and made using oat milk. I actually love the taste of oat milk and matcha together and I thought this worked well. It had a nice hint of vanilla and the oat didn’t over power, though the matcha could have been stronger. Only real con IMO was that it left a bit of a pasty kind of feeling on the palate after each sip from the oats…

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If I’m being honest, it was the colour of this kombucha that attracted me to it. It’s a really lovely shade of pink – saturated but not too heavy/dark. Just sort of screamed “refreshing” to me – and since this is a grapefruit flavoured kombucha I was reallllyyyyy hoping for/expecting a pink grapefruit flavour. I mean, it just made sense! The kombucha was actually very good, but it wasn’t quite the pink grapefruit I had in mind. I think it would need to be a little sweeter. Thankfully, not bitter/pithy though; instead more a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice kind of flavour but mixed with lemon juice as well. Refreshing, zesty, tart, sour.

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I think this is the best kombucha I’ve tried from this company so far out of the, I believe, three I’ve had. It’s basically like a Fresca, but with a touch of vinegar-y taste and a little bit of heat in the back of the throat from the Cayenne. Turns out that spicy Fresca is really tasty, though!

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Tasted like bad lemonade and waxy candied pineapple, but damn if it wasn’t pretty.


Though as you can see in the photo, my bottle was more of a pink hue than a purple/violet one…

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I feel like the beet in this must juice be adding colour/meant to look good on the label!? The kombucha didn’t taste like beet at all – but it did have a really nice almost “rose water” taste to it which was lovely, and that I don’t think I’ve experienced in a kombucha before. What is it this year with floral kombucha landing really well for me!?

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Wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but it was really good while also being REALLY intensely lime flavoured. I was initially hit with a lot of comparisons for the lime flavour so here are some of the ones that just immediately came to my mind: freshly squeezed lime juice, Sprite but more acidic, Sweet Lime from DAVIDsTEA, and lime skittles. Just a very vibrant, acidic, sour, tangy, sweet lime overall! Great though – and really lovely amount of fizz. Couple the good fermentation with the intensity of the flavour, and this is a kombucha that I would actually 100% purchase again.


That sounds really good to me… Intense sour, tangy lime. :D

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