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drank Watermelon by Go Matcha!
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I love when coworkers bring in teas for us to try that they found “out in the wild” outside of our office. This was picked up by someone from their neighborhood grocery store, and was dosed out in a single cup stick pack servings. Very simple ingredient list: matcha, watermelon flavouring, stevia…

I’ve gotta be honest, it wasn’t good.

The matcha itself was very brown in colour, so you could tell it wasn’t fresh and was just low quality matcha in general. When we whisked it up, the texture was weirdly pasty even after we attempted to thin it out. It just never stopped feeling a little off in mouthfeel. The watermelon flavour itself wasn’t bad – kind of Jolly Rancher style. However, the level of sweetness from the stevia!? Now, I’m not actually that adverse to the taste of stevia but OH MY WORD. This was sooooo sickly sweet that I couldn’t make it through the cup. Not even close.

But I’m glad I tried it…

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