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drank dark kenya by Friis co.
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I got this from a friend, and he LOVES it.
… But I am telling you, It is kind of hard to review this since it reminds me of assam.
Yet here I am, and there is the mug. Can’t run from a perfectly fine tea, can I?

The tea was crumpled, like assam. He ordered me to only dose with “a tip of a knife”… But oh well… I don’t follow rules that good. The color of this tea is red as strawberry.
It smells like , uhm, country? I know that I am supposed to use terms as “nutty”, “sour”, but this was the first thing that came to mind. It smells like the bushes and the dirt of our mountains after rain.

Huh, didn’t expect this at all! The taste is nothing like assam. It has a veggie note to it.
Like… carrot? Yes, that and salat. The more I taste, the more I think of salat. It’s okay to drink. Next time I use only the tip of the knife, as my friend told me to.

Yawn Goodmorning everyone.

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