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This is the other tea I received from this company to review/check out!

It’s a tulsi based tisane, with cacao and lots of really beautiful and fresh coconut. Like, I don’t know that I can say enough how incredibly fresh all of the ingredients used in these teas seem to be – but the coconut here in particular is the freshest, most tender looking coconut that I’ve seen used in a tea blend in ages…

Even though the coconut makes up the majority of the blend, I think the strongest flavour here is still the tulsi – that savory and soothing basil flavour just carries so well in a blend. It’s nice in contrast with very creamy, fresh coconut and the hints of cacao though. A simple, three ingredient mix but very dynamic and different flavours so it feels more nuanced/layered that it actually is in reality – so kudos for that cool effect. It’s thinner than the Peppermint Patty, and a light to medium bodied tea overall that does seem to benefit from longer steeps. Also the mouthfeel gets a tiny touch oily, but that’s only natural and to be expected when you’re using fresh coconut shreds like this.

I prefer the Peppermint Patty, but this is still very good!


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One of the teas I drank yesterday at work – I had so many teas that some of them were just a blur in a crazy work day, but I really liked the soft chocolate and cooling/crisp peppermint in this one – I finished the mug quickly, but it was like just a hint of calm and clarity among chaos.

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This company reached out to me on instagram to see if I would be interested in trying some of their yaupon/tulsi teas and I said “yes please!”. I love tulsi so I was definitely intrigued there, but I was actually more intrigued by the idea of yaupon blends because I haven’t seen many of them out there (usually you just see straight yaupon) and, historically, I haven’t loved the ones I have tried…

I love to be challenged, though!

And you know what!? This was good! The ingredients list is pretty clean/simple and you can really tell that everything used here is very fresh and natural – and it comes through to the flavour, which has a strong crisp and cooling peppermint note that supports rich and indulgent cocoa flavours and that toasty but juussstt a little bit grassy flavour of yaupon.

While I do really love a good chocolate peppermint tea year round (and have actually explored a lot this year) I feel like this is particularly well timed for the holiday season and I like having the option to pull something fresh, rich and indulgent from my stash that fits the holiday mindset that also isn’t loaded up with sugar/sprinkles/chocolate the same way so many holiday teas often are. It feels like a “cleaner” way of indulging.

Big thumbs up on this blend – would definitely recommend!

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