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drank Pouchong by Forever Tea House
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So I had this at a bubble tea shop (sans the tapioca, don’t worry!) but the owner did not tell me the name of the supplier so I’ve simply listed his shop as the company.
Anyhow, the first steep was ok… not something I would have ordered again but still pretty good. It was very buttery, round, with a very faint and mild vegetal aspect.
The second steep was amazing, which I had hoped for! There was a natural sweetness that came out and the thick feeling was gone as well. Very smooth.
It made me sad that there was no time for a third steep. One day when I have a buttload of time(yeah, that will happen! ha) , I’ll go there and drink the afternoon away, likely with another one of his many tea varieties.
As for the rating, I would give the first steep an 83, but the second one gets a 93 so for now, I’ll leave it at 88.
I’m itching to go back now. I have an exam in May to study for, so perhaps in the new year… but that is such a long time to wait!

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