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A review of Alpine Herbs (freshly brewed) Iced Tea by Favorit
I purchased this carton of Iced Tea during a visit to the Bazaar International Gourmet:
Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices.

It is Swiss Premium Iced Tea made from natural freshly brewed tea. It is 100% natural and I don’t feel the need to add anything else to this drink other than lots of ice. It is infused with Swiss Alpine herbs (lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile, nettle and common verbena).

I can taste the freshness of the herbs like the lemon and chamomile and it does have a calming effect as well as it soothe the taste buds. The lemon juice makes it a bit tart, as lemonade should be if one wanted it to be as such.

Overall, this is a very relaxing cup of iced tea with not much effort in the making; all one need do is get some ice, a tall glass and pour the tea and drink it up.


I will definitely be buying more of this Iced tea; both flavors carried by Bazaar should be enjoyable. I think they have a Green Iced tea and this herbal infusion that I purchased.

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