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A small sample I took from the previous Puerh TTB I believe. Humid storage and woody, maybe petrichor notes on the nose. A lot of the same in the cup too. Moderately dank – not overpoweringly so. Good body and color to the liquor of this tea. Tea was lively on the tongue and those damp woody notes were backed up by a very slight metallic sort of flavor I’ve tasted in other Liu Bao before. This was a nice one – I don’t think I would pay a premium price for it, but it was an enjoyable aged tea.

Flavors: Metallic, Nutty, petrichor, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 2 OZ / 60 ML

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The TTB is due to return to me today, so I’m looking through my bag of samples for teas I haven’t reviewed yet. This is my last EoT tea sample. Strictly speaking, it isn’t puerh, but I’m going to review it as though it is.

My initial impression was somewhat negative, as I’m not a big fan of the damp storage style. The taste and smell was largely earthy, reminding me of the smell of the woods after a heavy rain. As I sipped, Ithe tea started to grow on my. I noticed a bit of stone fruit and spice, and the taste was smooth and well-balanced. After a couple of steeps, the fruit faded, but the spice remained. The cha qi was quite strong, leaving me somewhat drowsy. 95 score on the cha qi.

This was an interesting tea. I’m not used to tea that is fully aged, but this seemed to be the case. I was impressed by the smooth clarity, but the flavor didn’t appeal to me.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 g 2 OZ / 59 ML

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