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Somehow last week or so, I found myself in a Facebook Group called The Loose Leaf Lounge and everybody in this group raves about the teas from Evil Tea Co so I thought I would give check them out. Their artwork is awesome and the name of the tea company itself intrigued me so I picked up this one and a couple of other blends to enjoy.

Brewed hot, this blend has strong notes of vanilla and not much else. I was hoping for a bit more with the candied fennel seeds and creme brulee flavoring. I’m starting to think my tea preferences have really changed since starting to drink more puerhs and unflavored teas. Going to try this one again as a cold brew later and possibly as a latte too.

Flavors: Vanilla


went to look at their site…dear god have a type of tea filter people! lol may have to go on my list as a company to try for when the border opens up..if it ever does.


If you want, I would happily share what I picked up from them. One I’m still really not sure about like this one but one I for sure know I need to rehome. (too much cinnamon)

Tiffany :)

Iid be interested in trying as well.


@nichole – if you need to rehome things are are sending things variaTEA’s way, you could add to that vs a separate mailing. Obviously no rush or anything like that – her and i are close so we share and swap off tea all the time. Extra trips to the post office during covid and the insanity in the US isn’t worth it.


That’s true. I have a box of teas I am collecting for Sil as we speak and once she picks it up, it doesn’t take long for me to start a new one for her :P

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