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SPOILER ALERT! I really don’t like chamomile… Before tasting this I felt stuck between a tea I hate and a brand I love.

It’s very much a chamomile aroma, with the spicy scent of fennel that reminds me of health food stores, it’s not a bad smell, I know people who enjoy it, but it reminds me of headaches! The first sip has a sour, metallic, aniseed-like tingle, (which I enjoyed! YAY!) and then drifts into the cottony-honey flavour of chamomile. Chamomile just isn’t for me (don’t be surprised! I literally told you already!) BUT! I got through the cup, or enough of it to count, so that’s progress on a cup of straight chamomile at least! Not sure if I should be thanking Edgcumbes or apologising!?

For more on tea: https://www.tastethetea.co.uk

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Rupser, one of Edgcumbes most popular blends, is a rich black tea with deep malty flavours. Taken black Rusper is fairly bitter, but a dash of milk sorts this out. Brew for a little less than the suggested time if you’re not into strong tea, perfect for those who are though!

Flavors: Malt, Tea

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A wonderful rich black tea blend that offers malty flavours combined with a smokey essence, making it a very warming and filling brew. Perfect on cold days, when all you want it a cosy fire.
For more: www.TastetheTea.co.uk

Flavors: Malt, Smoked, Tea

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp

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