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Whoa, this was a lot better than expected. I was originally getting a regular latte with my French Cruller but the marketing hype for Dunkin’s new matcha lattes nudged me to order this instead. I rarely order matcha drinks from cafes and bubble tea shops because they are never to my liking. Either they’re super sweet like Starbucks, taste weird, or made from poor quality matcha. However I enjoyed every slurp of this drink aside from the few clumps of undissolved matcha powder. Nice bright green tea flavor, not too earthy, with just the right amount of sugar to give it a subdued sweetness.

There was nothing fancy to the preparation of this drink at all. They literally just dumped matcha powder in with cold milk and ice and gave it a little stir. That’s it. No fancy whisk or hot water. It’s kind of embarrassing how this ridiculously simple preparation tasted better than the fussy methods I use at home to make matcha lattes. It never occurred to me to add matcha directly into cold water.

So with some inspiration from Dunkin, I’ve been making my own iced matcha lattes at home and dare I say they taste better than Dunkin’s. I start by dissolving a teaspoon of matcha powder in a little room temperature water inside a mason jar. Then add a small squirt of agave or sugar followed by milk. Put on a lid and shake everything till well blended. Drop in a few ice cubes and sip directly from the mason jar. Easy peasy. Soo good and no bitterness either!

Iced 1 tsp

Generally speaking, I’m not a matcha fan, but I’ve got some sample packets that need to be used or pitched…you’ve inspired me! (Especially with warmer weather on the way.)


@gmathis, I don’t care for matcha on its own either but I love it in drinks and confectionery. Mixing it directly with cold water or milk though really makes for a smoother drinking experience.


Oh gosh, I don’t seem to like anything at Dunkin except munchkins. This doesn’t sound bad though!

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Tastes like black tea. Hurts my joints like black tea does.

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drank Black Tea by Dunkin Donuts
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drank Iced Green Tea by Dunkin Donuts
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This is a new addition to Dunk’s repertoire, and I wasn’t that impressed. I can tell that they have no clue how to steep green tea, because it was bitter as hell. I suspect that they’re using boiling water to brew it, and possibly oversteeping it on top of that.

I ordered a medium with lemon in it, and they added one wedge, which did nothing.
My boyfriend ordered a large iced black tea with lemon, and his tasted much, MUCH better. For some reason, the single lemon wedge in his large cup had much more of an impact on the flavor of the black tea than a single wedge in my medium cup of green. No idea what that’s all about.

Needless to say, I will be brewing my own iced green tea from now on. At $2 a cup, this was a total ripoff.

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drank regular tea by Dunkin Donuts
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I brought teas with me on my mini break (aka crazy wedding weekend) with the hopes of trying them. I had no time for a relaxing cup of any of my teas.

Backlogging – But I did manage to stop and try this one of the morning we were running around. It might as well be Lipton (and probably is with a Dunkin Label on it). I knew enough to ask them to add milk and sugar because it was the only way I could drink it.

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Okay, so sometimes you have the tea that you love, and sometimes you need something quick that resembles the tea that you love. And every now and then, you slum it with a generic tea dust that somewhat resembles the memory of tea that you love, but really you just want something because you’re out of range of good tea.

It’s Dunkin Donuts. Still, I’d expect a bit less bitter of a taste, you know? Thankfully, I’m a milk- and sugar- tea drinker, so it’s not awful. And if you’re at Dunkin Donuts and not a coffee drinker? It’s like a pity offering. It will get you through your tea fix, but …. well, it will get you through the tea fix. :)

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i dont know y i got it again….oh yeah i was actually running late today for my fiancee’s dr appointment. i edited my slider rating because i had it un sweetend today because first thing in the morning i didnt want a sugar shock (D&D puts waaayyyyy too much sugar in any drink you ask for) well i never waist tea, and i couldnt finish this. i probably had 1/4 of the cup. ive now learned my lesson i will not be getting their hot tea any more. if i want tea from them ill get their raspberry iced, at least i can drink that.

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i thought i was running late this morning so i wasn’t able to make tea for myself. so i stopped at a Dunkin Donuts drive through and knew i didn’t want coffee so i decided to try their tea for the first time…its a plain English breakfast blend there really isn’t anything special about this. will i buy it again? probably, on another rush around morning. will i regret buying it? yeah probably, just like i did this morning. it tasted like tea and was exactly what i needed right then and there so it did the job, but it left me wanting my loose leafs at home.


Huh. I didn’t know Dunkin Donuts had tea.


yeah i wouldn’t recommend it

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