D'un the a l'autre

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Didn’t love this one the last time I had it because the chamomile was too strong; this time around I thought it was fine. Definitely chamomile forward, but also lots of sweet apple and cinnamon to distract me from that fact as well. Easy to ship on, and a good change of pace from the intense sweet teas I’d had beforehand…

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Made a cup of this to drink on the commute home – I like the teabag in the cup while commuting, and while this started off very delicious with a sweet apple and coating, hot cinnamon note I found that about halfway through my commute the taste of the chamomile had gotten too strong and way ruining the cup for me. I didn’t finish the last fifth of it; just too much chamo-bile.

So, I guess I like this tisane but only with a SHORT steep.

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