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drank Baozhong by Drink Tea Co
96 tasting notes

5.0g, 100mL gaiwan, Brita water off boil

dry leaves have a strong buttery sweet green smell, combined w hints of a slightly roasted oolong

30s: wet leaves smell of roasted vegetables. Interesting. Taste also has a strong vegetable note, which I wasn’t sure how to interpret. Smooth, but drying on tongue, nothing else in particular to note.

40s: aftertaste is more present, a smoky haze of sorts. Not sweet, but present nonetheless. Maybe something like spinach or arugula with less of a kick? Seen a different baozhong review described as tasting of “boiled mint” which I suppose is sort of apt

1 min. 30s: smoky. Didn’t continue notes or infusions, was probably a busy day.

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四季春/4 Seasons of Spring

4.8g, 100mL gaiwan

Green oolong per description and brewed at 212f and timed as advised. Interesting.

Brita filtered water off the boil.

Like most Taiwanese oolongs, seems to be rolled fairly tight.
Dry leaves have a sweet, lightly toasted aroma, reminiscent in ways of a Jin Xuan. There is a slight smoke that is muted.

30s: smoke at forefront of wet leaves. Wow! strong, with slight floral sweetness. tastes like a light Jin Xuan that I’ve tried in the past, but w/ a hint of smoke. Tampered sweetness.

40s: similar as before. very light sweet aftertaste. something reminds me of tomato here, but not quite vegetal.

1 min. 40s: not much different from before. also a sort of mint-like note. Sometimes oolongs blossom in later steepings, but I didn’t continue. Relegated to the overnight cold brew bottle.

cold brew: sweet fruit notes with smoke. End notes resembling a light roast coffee, which I found interesting.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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drank Mountain Black Tea by Drink Tea Co
96 tasting notes

5.0g, 212f, 100mL gaiwan, Brita water

dry leaves smell sweet.
Wet leaves smell really smoky.

Overall, it started with something vegetal and ending pretty nondescript for me. Felt a little flat throughout, though not sure if that’s because I just haven’t liked black teas as much lately. Unlikely to repurchase.

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drank King Ginseng by Drink Tea Co
96 tasting notes

4.9g King Ginseng, 200f, 100 mL gaiwan, Brita water

dry leaves smell of osmanthus.
Wet leaves smell of smoke.

30s: tastes sweet, slight osmanthus, some smoke.
30s again: smoky and bitter, before more floral notes appear.

I couldn’t continue with this. I have developed a strong aversion towards any osmanthus notes in teas and perfumes. Drank with a suitemate who also couldn’t pick up on any ginseng in the two infusions we did. Maybe it shows up later, but I couldn’t bring myself to continue.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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