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Ooo so glad this is already on here and very grateful for the husband for picking up a very huge bottle of this for me when he stopped at the Mustard Seed to buy some bulk cos-cous. So this is a beer in case you couldn’t tell (I recommend clicking on the product description). I love the Finnish historic aspect of this and in that way its a very East meets West… err North. Husband knows I love juniper and chai and I find it interesting that they actually used black tea and not just the spices, I’m guessing its an Assam.

This is very very nom, lots of flavor going on here though not just from the chai. I wish I had more words for describing beer but I get the rye and this is tastes malty in the way tea does, though it doesn’t feel creamy like a dark beer. It’s quite savory and rustic and all the yum, but I need to slow down and not let it get to my head. Also I don’t think I can rate this against tea.

Hesper June

Sounds so good! And well deserved after the day you had.

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Beer + Chai Tea! Great mix, check out my full review

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I got a chance to try this unusual blend at Brickstore Pub, in Decatur.

This is my first experience with the combination of beer and tea, but not my first encounter with tea and alcohol. This brew was unique. It tasted like a smooth and expensive beer, for lack of better words, mixed with the clean taste of juniper. The black tea and chai flavors were in the finish, and the bitterness of tea was there, but mild. The ginger and spices give it a tiny bit of warmth at the end, but you sort of have to feel for it. I would recommend it, and not just for the novelty of it. It was genuinely good, if not a little unfamiliar.


Having just recently dissected a dogfish in my Ichthyology lab, I think I can safely say that its head isn’t something I’d want in my beer OR my tea! ;P


Just curious, where did you happen to purchase this from? Also, you mentioned you had encountered tea and alcohol?


This is right up my alley. I wonder if it’s sold in bottles at all? I am very familiar with Dogfish and I would love it if this was available nationally!


Dogfish makes some great beer, never thought to try and combine my the two drinks (beer and tea) although I like the idea a lot!


@cristina I got it at The Brickstore Pub in Decatur, GA. And yeah, I’ve had a few different sweet tea vodkas before this, but not beer.


@Alannah Actually, I got it in a bottle. But it was one of those big ones, like a wine bottle, so I got a few glasses. :9


Interesting, I’ll have to keep my eye out for it in stores around here! I won’t get my hopes up though. ;)

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