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Thank you for the share VariaTEA – I think this might have technically ended up being both my last tea of the decade/2019 as well as my first tea of 2020/the new decade. While it wasn’t unintentional, I’m pretty sure drinking the cup crossed through midnight…

This was actually shockingly good! I could taste the peach right away – and while it was sort of candy sweet and artificial tasting it was still really juicy and full bodied and it really enveloped the entire palate. It drove me a little crazy, actually, because this specific peach note tasted INSANELY familiar to me and I can’t place what tea exactly it’s reminding me of (and I’ve definitely not had this one before) but that deja vu was STRONG with this infusion…

I can’t say I particularly tasted the coconut or quince as “distinct” flavours but I did get elements of both of them; a creaminess to the mouthfeel and finishing notes of the cup that could easily have been from the coconut, and a subtle floral undertone that could have been the quince.

This was a pleasant surprise for me, so thank you again for sharing!


Glad you enjoyed it!


Could it be Lupicia’s momo? I’m drinking that right now…

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drank Hygge The by Det Gamle Apotek
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Exams are done and tomorrow I go home so I am trying to get my apartment ready to be empty for the holidays. Unfortunately when I did laundry so I could leave my bed with clean sheets, something went wrong and instead of washing at a normal setting in cold water, I washed at a permanent press setting in warm water. It was just my bedding, a pair of jeans, a pajama set, some underwear and a pair of socks. All of which had been worn and washed many times before so my hopes is they didn’t shrink. We will see soon enough I guess.

Part of getting ready to go home also means packing up the teas I have for Sil and Roswell Strange. The former just in case and the latter because I will finally be meeting my dear tea twin in a week and rather than sending the teas in the mail, I might as well make a personal delivery. With that in mind, I figured I better try the last of the teas my sister brought me from Copenhagen as I parceled some out for the two lovely ladies.

I actually quite like this. There is a silkiness from the coconut and a nice peach flavor. At times the flavor is stronger, especially at the beginning of the sip, and then it fades, becoming more muted. I just wish that strong flavor was consistent through the whole sip.

Roswell Strange

I’m so excited!!


Me too!!!!

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Revisiting this one b/c I recalled it not being a favorite the last time I tried it. So now I am trying it again to decide if it is worthy of a tin.

I think this cup is better than the last. Perhaps b/c it is an 8 oz cup as opposed to my usual 16 oz mug. Perhaps there was fewer currants in my filter. This time around it just tastes a lot less currant-y (though the flavor is still there). There is more rose. Fruity sweetness, though no fruit is particularly distinctive besides the currant. It is nice but still not a favorite if I am being honest. This may be one I swap/give away.

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This tea was an experience before I ever even tried it. Why? Ribs. This tea has “ribs” as an ingredient and when you attempt to translate the list as a whole, everything translates except for ribs. So I was a bit concerned about that. Thankfully tea friends came to the rescue and informed me that ribs means currants.

Honestly, I could have just tried looking at the leaf…or trying the tea because currant is prominent in both the dry leaf and the steeped tea. Also the green tea is a bit more prominent here than the base teas of the other Copenhagen blends I have tried so far, which is fair since this is from a different tea shop (a souvenir shop instead of the tea store since my sister was worried she wouldn’t get a chance to go to the tea shop and wanted to make sure she had to bring me). It’s a nice tea but doesn’t deliver the flavors I anticipated in light of the ingredient list. I blame the currants.

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