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Today this tea was fabulous. The first steep at 45s tasted exactly like fresh snap peas off the vine on the first sip with melon and hints of orange as the flavours developed in the mouth. The second steep was creamier and more complex with chestnut entering the mix of flavours. I haven’t detected any bitterness as of yet in fact the tea is quite sweet. Perhaps this is a tea I will grow to like more and more as it ages like one of the Rizhao I have from last year. This is still my favourite style of green tea.

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This is one of the green teas I received yesterday! It will probably take me a little while to figure out my preferred parameters but so far I prefer less leaf, higher temperatures and shorter steeps.

This tea has dark green, curled thick, twisted cabled leaves. The leaf smells intensely sweet and fruity.

Using 1 TSP/200ml/85°C/40s the result in tea is a pale green yellow.

The tea smells of blanched fresh peas, cantelope, chestnut and a hint of savoury greens.

The taste is intensely sweet with notes of melon, fresh peas, caramel, rock sugar, a hint of chestnut, and a hint of lilac. The higher temperature produced a thinner brew.
I kept my resteeps to intervals of 5-10s. These steeps had notes of melon, chestnut, peas, caramel, a touch of cocoa, and a touch of lilac spice. They were creamier and had a more balanced flavour sweet with just a hint of bitterness.

Using more leaf (1 TSP / 150ml) produced stronger spinach notes and bitter greens. Lower temperatures resulted in a creamier but more savoury brew.

The seller kindly shipped the tea in two packets whiich will make it easier to keep fresh. It is also available here.:

This is a nice very sweet green tea and probably my second favourite of the Rizhao greens I have.

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