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Despite how shou-like this is, this was not good thermos’d. Trad profile is overbearing. As a side note: Have been running through all of my trad stored shou and sheng in my duanni pot and for some reason almost all of so far (incl. this) die very quickly in it (like I’ll get maybe 4 solid cups and then it’s just a watery light color and trad tinged leaf taste), but pot use is just so convenient since you can just set it atop the gongdaobei to dispense…

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2003 CNNP HK Custom 8582
5.6g, 100 mL gaiwan, Brita filtered tap
212f throughout

2x 5s rinse

dry leaf smells of dirt and musty basement
wet leaves smell woody

3s: surprised by the dark color. brew smell has a hint of grain. light and slight sweet taste.

5s: color looks like a shou puer color-wise. A bit of a medicinal note to the taste. Slightly thickened broth. A slight earthy taste, with a tiny bit of cooling on aftertaste.

7s x2: slight bit of bitterness w/ the medicinal taste that moves to a peppery aftertaste

7s x3: aromatics of wet wood

10s x2: something bamboo-like, or perhaps just a lighter woodiness. still slight sweet delving into a slight pepper on finish.

12 x3: leaves have lost most of woody smell by this point. soup has lightened in color

20s x3: something reminds me of dried jujubes

still went on for a few steeps, though continually lightening after. Brewed this alongside midterms a few months back and going off old notes here. Very impressed by the longevity of this for the price; I do think it’s worth trying at least once.

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