Colonnaden Tee Contor, Hamburg

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A “Friesen blend” usually starts to unfold its character after the adding of cream or milk. It also is expected to hold up against the traditional sweetener, which in northern Germany comes as rough crystal sugar (Klüntje).
One will be utterly disappointed after finding out that all this does not suit this particular blend.
The matter of fact that the “Theodor Storm” blend is done with large leafs leaves the connoisseur in astonishment right from the beginning. Please do try to remember, it is a strong and hearty brew that one should hope for when it comes to tea blends from the stormy, German northern coast. Big leafs do hardly seem to be the right thing to go for to reach that kind of goal.
“Theodor Storm” is a very fine tea for the afternoon though. Special care seems to be advisable in regards of the portioning. It carries at lot of tannin. The smoothness of the actual brew tends to get unpleasantly overpowered by the rather harsh aftertaste. Hence one may reckon: small dosage of leafs and short infusing time.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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