Cinnamon Vogue

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There is only one other tasting note for this tea, and I actually enjoyed this tea … unlike the other taster. Ah, well, to each their own, right? I found the cinnamon to be really amazing in this … I loved the balance between cinnamon and tea.

Here is my full-length review of this tea:

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-Silk pyramid teabag with good sized pieces of tea leaf.
-Teabag smells strongly of spicy cinnamon. Tea liquor smells malty with a subtle hint of cinnamon.
-Tea liquor is a bright reddish brown color.
-Bitter with a burnt cinnamon finish.
-Best with sweetener.
-Fair tea with malty flavor. Initial taste is almost bland. Strong, spicy cinnamon sensation after swallowing.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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