China Cha Dao, Douji

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First steep, 15 sec: It tastes like a wood camp fire smells. There’s also the faint fishiness that many pu-erhs have, but it’s barely there. I can’t tell if I like it or not. It assaults the palate, but after swallowing you want to take another sip. Hm.

Second steep, 20 sec: Same, no noticeable change.

Third steep, 30 sec: Again, not any noticeable change. This seems a pretty straight-forward tea.

I’m going to do some more steepings but am done with my review unless something special pops up to add later.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

You had me at wood camp fire!

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I enjoyed a cup of this tea tonight. It has a nice mellow flavor. It might sound odd, but it has a slight tangy taste to it. The afternote reminds me a little of a smokey afternote…but without the smokey flavor. I an intrigued by this tea.

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This was my first pu-erh ever, so I’m not in a position to rate it compared to other pu-erh’s. That said, I was expecting a more rank and rancid taste from what I understood to basically be rotten tea, but it was really more earthy and grassy. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to try more!

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

This is a new, raw tea — it hasn’t even had time to rot yet! :)

Did you get similar flavors to a green tea, or was it more bitter? I was thinking of picking this one up yesterday, but I should probably save up for my next order from Jerry…


The only Puerh tea I’ve tried is a few lots of Tuo Cha (teabowls). I always got a pleasant, earthy, naturally sweet tea. I liked the teabowls, because I usually got three good steeps from one Tuo Cha! Read my review. :))

The Tea Show

@Cole It’s difficult to recall now, but I do remember thinking to myself that it reminded me of green tea or perhaps a Keemun or something.

@Scott That’s interesting Scott, I’m definitely going to be exploring more of these, and I’ll keep an eye out for Tuo Cha! ;)

Nathaniel Gruber

if you want to learn more about pu’er, check out some of my reviews as well as David Duckler’s…he is the owner of Verdant Tea and is bringing in levels of pu’er that haven’t been seen in this country! you’ll find that pu’er is anything but “rotten tea”. Fine pu’er truly is the wine of tea.

The Tea Show

Will do Nathaniel. I can’t believe nobody told me about this stuff before, and I had to find out about it on the internet, of all places! I’ve been drinking tea for nearing 15 years now and have nearly no knowledge of them. I’m almost embarrassed!

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