Chen Sheng Hao Tea

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Recent Tasting Notes

Easter is coming up so I’m at my parents dog sitting until they get back, but since I had a 400 word essay for my MBA application due in a week I decided to grab a tea I wanted to hit me hard because 400 words is tiny.

This tea is pretty solid but after having the 2013… Naka is something that when it has some serious humid aging, after some airing out and dropping of levels of time becomes a gem. I got all of the CSH Nakas to see which one will age the best because aged Naka is just splendid. Seems like this one is a solid choice, but they all are… the 2013 is just 3x further down the road than the others. The quality of leaf is different between all four years though. This is true by a decent amount too as I broke all the cakes. I’ll have to take the dust of each and compare that now that I’m about out.

Really enjoyable tea without anything to complain about and at around $90 for a full cake of 357g… great potential to store away

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