Chang Hsie Shing Tea Shop (張協興茶行)

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The rinse alone smells so divine––fragrant charcoal-roast, intensely fruity, and a nice blend of floral notes in there. This is like a Tieguanyin crossed with a Dancong oolong.

First infusion, 195˚F:
Beautiful sweet fruity flavour grounded in the minerally flavour that’s unique to Tieguanyins. The liquor is a similar colour to my Mi Lan Xiang Dancong oolong, a pale gold-fawn.

Second infusion, 198˚F:
Tastes stronger, and the richer, cacao and coffee roasted flavour is coming out now amid the fruitiness. The liquor has turned darker, like raw umber.

Third infusion, 203˚F:
Now there is a rich, sweet, malty “pie crust” aroma like something delicious baking in an oven. This tea is amazing. Reminds me of the “Buddha’s Hand” from Song Tea & Ceramics.

This was the standout best of the six wonderful teas I tried at the Zhang Xie Xing store in Taipei, and probably one of the top 3 teas in my collection. Please, more Steepsterites go hunt down this store in Taipei so I’m not the only one reviewing them!

Flavors: Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Floral, Mineral, Pastries, Stonefruit

195 °F / 90 °C

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Bought this tea from a lovely family-owned tea shop in Taipei called Chang Hsie Shing / Zhang Xie Xing Tea Shop (張協興茶行). We tried maybe six teas there and most of them really impressed us but unfortunately we only had enough cash to buy two (and a pitcher). The name “Bo Luo Mi” translates to “Pineapple Honey”.

1st infusion: 194˚F
A delicious malty, juicy, slightly floral aroma. Reminds me a bit of the caramel-y sweet Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout from Song Tea & Ceramics, but a bit more tropical. Liquor is fresh and sweet.

2nd infusion: 200˚F
Still retains the sweet delicious characteristics from the first infusion, but the flavour and aroma has mellowed out and becomes easier to pair with food.

3rd infusion: 202˚F
After the top notes of the aroma have been stripped away, the underlying nature is revealed. Now I see that this tea shares some characteristics with high-quality Tieguanyin.

Flavors: Floral, Malt, Sweet, Tropical

195 °F / 90 °C

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