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Since this is my own creation I am not rating it. I updated the blend with spearmint and like it even better. So calming and peaceful. :)

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Added spearmint – delish!

Then added blood orange – with the licorice bite, this is a fave!

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I am totally biased but I love this blend! (In the words of London Tipton, “Yay me!”) I mixed one cup of licorice root with a generous cup of peppermint and the results are perfect. I love how licorice root leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth; combined with peppermint it’s awesome.
Another important note – steeping time isn’t important. I was called away from my blend for a few minutes leaving the bag alone and no worries, no bitter taste.
Next I’ll try this blend with spearmint too. :)
Thanks again to Frank for providing the licorice root. I will be back for more. :)

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May I be so bold as to ask for some of this? I’d love to taste the licorice (or liquorice for London) that’s almost up to 52 teas standards.

…Or is this fully up to standards and a hint at next week’s blend? XD


No, my blend is separate from Frank’s; I just asked him for the licorice to experiment with. I am now trying it with blood orange and spearmint…

I can definitely send you a sample. It’s very basic, though. It’s really good, but really simple.


Oh, and London Tipton is played by the talented Brenda Song on The Suite Life on Deck. Don’t judge me for watching Disney; my favorite movies are Sin City, Shoot Em Up, Reservoir Dogs and Goodfellas. :)


Ah, I wondered if perhaps you were chatting and he offered some the couldn’t use. Do you have any extra of your other blends? My curiousity is starting to overwhelm me.
And I’m as I’m a comic book artist, I really can’t judge. You’re not getting my Anpanman DVDs for all the tea in China ;)


OK, so I’m not the only dork. ;) I have some samples of my blends; I did send you some yesterday, but I can send you more if you’d like. Just lemme know!

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