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drank Mojito by BRW Society
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I occasionally unpause my Sips by subscription to get a box or two. This was in a recent one. I had it cold, and it’s pretty light and refreshing. I taste no lime, so I’m not sure why it’s called mojito, but I often dislike lime-flavored tea, so I’m honestly relieved. It’s lightly minty, and in some sips, you can really taste the lemongrass. It comes pre-sweetened, which I know some people dislike. I’m not sure I love the sugar sprinkles they use to sweeten it because there’s a hint of a weird flavor, but it’s not too noticeable.

Tiffany :)

I thought I was the only one who does this (“I occasionally unpause my Sipsby subscription to get a box or two”)! :D I have had a variety of different tea sub boxes (currently: Harts of America, 52teas, Dessert By Deb, and Amoda) I get regularly but Sipsby I was on for like 2-3 years and I’m still catching up on them so now I just have it off and once in awhile to mix it up will turn it on. :)


Yeah, I don’t find the amount of tea Sips by includes to be a very good value, but I enjoy trying new brands, so it’s fun to get it sometimes, but I don’t want to give them my money every month.

Tiffany :)

AJRimmer I am in complete agreement :)

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