Boba Run

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This was the boba that I ordered!

I would have loved to taste through their entire menu, but that just wasn’t realistic. I picked this over the many others than caught my eye because it was a seasonal offering, so I guess I’m secretly holding out on some hope I’ll someday get to revisit this boba shop.

Honestly though this was delicious! The bottom portion of the drink, before I swirled it together, was filled with a black cherry puree mixed into milk that tasted sort of like an extra cherry forward pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. Rich, fruity but also dense. The top portion was freshly whisked creamy matcha with a bit of a unctuous yet floral quality. Definitely sweeter than the Dalgona Honeycomb my mom had ordered, but when you mixed the two parts together it balanced really well!

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During the trip we mostly focused on tea stores, but we did hit up a couple of boba shops. Boba Run was very high on my list; they just seemed to have so many really amazing sounding flavours. This is actually the one my mom got, and I’m glad because it was on my short list too – so I got to try some more than just the one I’d ordered!

Essentially it was kind of like a normal matcha boba – milk based with the standard tapioca pearls. Very fresh, smooth matcha as well. Not sweetened either. Well, that is, not sweetened aside from the many shards of broken up dalgona honeycomb that they topped the drink with. Picture the dalgona candy from Squid Game – exactly that! It was cool because they slowly dissolved into the drink, and as they did they added a little burnt sugar/sponge toffee type flavour that gradually increased the sweetness level.

Very tasty, and also beautiful looking before they started melting into the drink.

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