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Steeped as an oat milk latte and, let me just say, Blume is not playing around when they called this a Chili Turmeric Blend! It is very spicy, y’all! At first it really just tasted like a pretty standard Golden Milk style turmeric latte, and I thought it was alright – not too earthy/bitter so even though I don’t much like turmeric I found it nice. Then that heat hit and it was a lot. I’m a spice baby, so it was very rough for me – but if you are not a spice baby then I think this would probably actually be really good.

(And, not gonna lie, a little masochistic part of me did want to finish the whole latte.)

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Alright, a few pros with this blend and a few more cons – but before that I just need to describe the jarring way this “latte mix” looks when you open a bag! It is very, very clumpy and there are visible white chunks strewn throughout. This is the coconut milk powder, but at a glance it looks like little bits of butter or lard, and it reminded me of making pastry dough. Well, if the flour was green. It’s very weird looking, though!

So, the big pro that I’ll give this blend is that is has moringa in it but not only can you not taste it at all (it is HARD to mask the taste of moringa – it is strong and unpleasant) but you also can’t tell texturally. I was very impressed by that. However, it goes a bit awry after that. The coconut in this is creamy and fatty, but too fatty! I made this as an oatmilk latte, but in all honestly it felt like I was drinking a mug of melted butter. A little buttery taste or a creamy mouthfeel can all be nice things, but a straight mug of fatty and greasy feeling matcha latte?? It’s unpleasantly rich and buttery.

So just… a weird drink, and a weird experience.

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