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Had this one yesterday to go from Blenz while meeting up with a friend to study at the library. I was actually delightfully surprised with this tea. I never knew Blenz had such a unique variety of teas to choose from! Much better than Starbucks’ options, that’s for sure.

The aroma was actually very citrusy, and since I was only told this tea was “dragonwell”, I wasn’t expecting such a zingy, fresh aroma. It was quite nice, though. The flavour was also very delightful. While hot, the citrus did not come through in the tea. It was more creamy and smooth, a solid and quality green tea base. As it cooled down, the zesty citrus also appeared in the flavour, and tasted just like it smelled earlier. I really liked it, and wanted to go back to buy some for home, but the sales associate didn’t really know what he was doing and I had to catch a bus, so I left it for another time.

I will be revisiting this tea!

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drank Gingerbread Tea by Blenz Coffee
1496 tasting notes

I really like this tea, surprisingly so. It’s a black with some sort of “gingerbread spice” in it. No idea what it is, but I can see how it would be so divine as a latte. I’ve had it the past few times I’ve visited the Blenz by my house. As long as I take the teabag out after a few minutes… really lovely. A bit better with some sweetener.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Mango Rooibos by Blenz Coffee
1496 tasting notes

Writing in a coffee shop, and this seemed like the best bet after downing a large cup of iced mate just prior. Struggled to find anything at all about this online (where does it come from? is it a proprietary blend?) and said – the hell with it, I’m posting it anyway. The pic is my steeped cup, because it’s a pet peeve of mine to have zero picture for any teas on here.

I can smell the mango wafting from the cup as soon as the barista handed it to me, and I’m excited to taste it. Unfortunately, the mango is uber-subtle, and while it does make sweetener unnecessary, it’s still a bit drying and too faint for my liking. The rooibos is nutty and full, and I’m looking forward to steeping this again and seeing how it fares.

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drank Sencha by Blenz Coffee
11 tasting notes

Sweeter than the green tea I’m used to (whatever they serve at my favourite sushi place.) Clearly I need to broaden my tea horizons.

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