Bao Hong Yin Ji 寶紅印記

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Recent Tasting Notes

5/90. 212f, one rinse. honey, smoke, vegetal in rinse.
first steep was sweet and smoky, with some fruit and floral.
2nd was still fruity, with some vegetal young taste. something strong and almost rubber like taste.
3rd was slightly sweet and extends into throat.
4th was pushed by accident, but turned out nice. a floral sweetness and tropical fruit note. later steeps die off somewhat gracefully, with a flattening woody note and some astringency, and I got bored so I tossed it.

Can’t see myself caking, but the sample was nice. Overall, some focus and not overly heady, but nothing in taste is particularly exceptional. I think from BHYJ I’ve only tried the ’17 wan gong, and I remember that tasting better to me (more extensive, sweeter aftertaste and structure), but was also quite heady and probably not ready to drink yet.

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