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I woke up with a headache and back ache this morning which has persisted through the day. Not to mention my new Vans have cut the back of my ankles up pretty badly from yesterdays visit to the in-laws. It takes a couple of hours travel via bus and train to get from my house to theirs.

With all of this in mind I’m not really ‘feeling’ up to much today. So we decided to marathon ‘24’ and forget about the house work for today. It was when I decided I didn’t want caffeine that I searched my tea cupboard and found this blend. It’s been a while since I had it and thought I would perhaps add sweetener in it this time, just some calorie free stuff. Plus I do love rose petals in tea, they make me feel so pretty.

Sweetener has made honey like tones to this now which blends the dryness of the herbal infusion together a lot better. Much more satisfying than I remember, and the right move it would seem. Albeit perhaps a tad too sweet now it’s better than dry and sickly herbal. That being said this is not a bad drink by any means, it just has an acquired taste. Plus with it being sweeter I can taste more of a rose flavour.

Plan for the day: tea and tisanes followed by 24 and perhaps a naughty take away in a bit. A local vegetarian restaurant does some amazing fishless burgers.


Hope you start feeling better but what an awesome game plan for the day!

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This tea boasted being a “woman hairdressing tea” and “a beauty to raise color outique” purchased from the now famous Jerry Tea Trade on AliExpress. My purchase of this tea was for purely comical translation reasons, though that being said I actually do like rose based teas.

Well this arrived a few days ago and I have just found the time to try it. The teabags are square and made of rather thick paper, with a lot of herbal blend in them.

Flavour is thickly herbal with light rose sweetness. Not a huge fan of herbal teas, particularly dried herbal blends, though this one is easily drinkable. I think it’s the rose that makes it less dry and more appealing. It’s only soft but it’s enough.

Other than general mixed herbs and the rose I can’t taste much of anything else. While it might not be a new favourite I’m just happy I can drink it and should have no problem finishing the other 44 tea bags.

Flavors: Herbs, Rose

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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