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I didn’t expect to like genmaicha as much as I do. I mean… puffed rice as an ingredient? What?

Also, green teas are hit or miss for me — mostly because I over-steep them. I forget you’re supposed to use lower temperatures and shorter steep times.

Today I was ON POINT, y’all. I was very careful about water and time. I was NOT GONNA BURN THIS PUPPY.

I love how genmaicha is so earthy, toasty, and prickly-vegetal. The taste of the rice adds a great counterbalance to the green. They’re yin. They’re yang. They’re the best of friends. Like Bill and Ted, they’re on an excellent adventure — in my mouth. (Uh… that sounded bad. Keep on moving. Nothing to see here.)

Plenty of points for taste. A few points off for the fact that this tea needs to be babysat. It’s not this specific tea’s fault, but it is a fault nonetheless.

If you’re ever walking around downtown Pittsburgh’s Strip District, you should check this out. (It’s called that due to its shape. Just because it its shape. Guys.) It’s near the original Primanti’s location.

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I fed this to a pregnant lady and she really liked it.

“This tea is a very rich berry cream flavor. I don’t think I’d call it “cheesecake,” though. I’d go with “cream,” or perhaps “yogurt.” But not the full cheesecake. That said, I have no idea how one would go about making anything taste like cheesecake. It seems like an impossible task. But this flavor does hint at dairy, which I find impressive. It’s sweet and girly.”

Full review:

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This tea has a much stronger smell of Clove than flavor of clove. This tea is ok but definitely not for everyone.

Flavors: Clove

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