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Sipdown (1884)!

This was a free sample included in my order – a “fandom” blend that’s really just kind of a cute, fun space appreciation tea. In fact, this is the quote from the blender’s description:

Fun fact, Sagittarius B2 (a gas and dust cloud near the center of the Milky Way) contains ethyl formate, the chemical which gives raspberries their flavor. Ergo, space tastes like raspberries. Science!

Now, I am not a space/science person so I don’t really wanna weigh in here on accuracy at all. However, I admit that I really really like the idea of this. It’s very cute/clever. Especially because the tea does taste very pleasantly of raspberries. In a sweet sort of way. I guess I would probably best describe this as if you were eating a Black Forest Cake expect that cake had a similar style of raspberry filling in place of cherry. Also if there were some spices at the party too – namely a pleasant warming clove note and just a bit of cinnamon.

I hesitate to say I’d want to order this because I know how rarely I reach for chocolate teas, but it is very good and if you’re a chocolate raspberry fan then I’d recommend this in a heartbeat. Sometimes fandom blends can feel really muddy, competitive, or just bland – but I think this is a really nice balance of flavours.

Maddy Barone

I like the quote Science!


Same here! :)

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