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This is my custom blend (and I am just starting with custom blends), so I’m not going to rate it point-wise, but I will give my own comments:

-Before Steeping: Intense peppermint scent. That’s about all you can really say about it. The peppermint smell seems to overwhelm everything else.
-While Steeping: Still very minty. I think I may have to tone down the percentage of peppermint because it seems to be overwhelming everything else.
-After Steeping: Slightly minty with intense earthy tones. There’s something else there that I recognize, but just cannot place.

I’m only doing one steep this time around. Just poured it and tried it. Still nice and hot, maybe a little too hot, because I didn’t really taste anything. Leaving it aside to cool for a few minutes, and mixing in a couple of tablespoons of sugar. It’s nice and minty and smooth. I mean really smooth. I like the taste of it. The peppermint seems to blend real well with the candy cane and Christmas Adagio teas. I get this real intense burst of flavor at the beginning, kind of like, of course, a peppermint candy cane. It leaves that cool feeling in my mouth you get from eating mints, although it does leave a minty aftertaste. The aftertaste is the only thing I dislike about this so far, but you win some and you lose some. Just added a dollop of milk, and it definitely added that creamy texture and taste to it. I love this tea, just despise the lingering aftertaste.

Overall: I like this tea. It’s good, and it soothes my stomach. The aftertaste leaves something to desired, but hey that’s life. Unless, of course, I can figure out what to change to get rid of it.

Boiling 8 min or more
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