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Oh, the chocolate flavouring makes me sad. It really isn’t a favourite. :( That being said, with the application of milky stuff (aka almond noel nog), this is pretty good. I’m missing some of the hazelnut because of the chocolate.

It would be better as a blueberry-hazelnut tea, I think.

Thank you for sharing, Shmiracles!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Today I definitely get caramel bergamot from this tea! I quite like the combo, actually.

Thanks so much for sharing, Shmiracles!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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A fandom blend from Shmiracles! Thank you!

The reference is sadly lost on me. But the tea smells caramelly, so I drank it. And it’s only near the bottom of the cup I get any bergamot from it.

So, it’s pretty good! I am quite enjoying it!

Thanks for the sample. :) :)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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shhhhhh i like this tea. don’t tell the blergamot police! Shmiracles sent this one my way and i was a little wary of trying it. However, there’s a reason i try everything people send me, because you never know when something you don’t think you’d like, becomes something you’d like! this has got blergamot and coconut…two flavours i’m never a huge fan of but oh man…blended with the sweet delicious caramel and cream flavours…this is a hit for me! I really liked where this one went. Not overly full of blergamot and just sip after sip of delicious creamy caramel blerg taste. seriously. yum.


too late-the blerg police are on their way!

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……blended with black tea, natural chocolate flavor, natural blueberry flavor, dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, natural hazelnut flavor, raspberry leaves, blueberries….

seems to me there’s just way too much trying to get it’s thing on in this cup of tea. LOL shmiracles sent some of this my way to try out. I can identify random fruity flavour that might? be raspberry cut with a little blueberry… there’s a faint hint of what i recognise as adagio’s chocolate flavour..and uh i guess? maybe there’s an echo of hazelnut. For the most part though this turns into a melange of “stuff” and sort of a vaguely fruity kinda maybe chocolate sorta cup. Interesting, but not needed in my life haha

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This tea was nice on a snowy morning. I just ran a trail half marathon on Saturday in 70 degree weather. Oh well!

Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time last night, so in the mood for an anime tea this morning. What a great anime! I usually save them for summertime, but summertime just isn’t getting here fast enough.

How much do I love Miss Misato??? LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS. She is my new role model.

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Actually have no idea which this fandom is a part of, but it smells like chocolate and a bit of tartness! A fandom blend from my most recent swap with shmiracles

I think I may have steeped it for a bit too long because it’s right on the edge of being bitter. I mean it’s good! But probably another 15-30 seconds and it would have been just.. no.
Definitely a chocolate tea, and a nice tartness from the blueberry! Overall, not too bad. Won’t rate it right now because of the fact that it’s bitter. juuust barely

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

i love that you get to sample and rate the tea COMPLETELY outside of the character and their story. and that you are just Going For It!!! drink and taste all the tea!! slurpslurpslurp.
trying and unfamiliar fandom tea tends to never really happen, and i know full well that i sometimes buy a tea that doesn’t even sound delicious to me if i really love a character. and that’s completely arbitrary too! because we all also know that some girl in a house in the a suburb or whatever has nothing to do with the actual writing/acting/creating/developing of our iconic heroes and anti-heroes. but hey they can make a good blend! :)
perhaps i’ll email Moffat’s publicist and tell them all about adagio’s diy blends. i’m sure he’d be blending up a storm if ONLY they knew about it! “why yes, blending a ME tea that you can then drink in honor of ME and my BRILLIANT SHOWS sounds like a great idea miss shmiracles. i’ll do that right away!”
anyways, ya, i think the cocoa nibs and raspberry leaves tip this brew into the dry and bitter side of things?, which is appropriate for the characters, but maybe doesn’t make the most delicious or subtle tea. it takes all kinds!
thanks for tasting it! super cool.


So THAT’S what I was smelling and tasting! I looked at the teas used and I didn’t see it, so I just assumed that the tartness was from the blueberry. But I looked at what exactly made up the blend and yep, I see the raspberry :)

Oh my gosh can a Moffat tea please happen. Just make it smoky and dark because he just likes to put us through so much pain okay.

I actually looked at what fandom this person was a part of and YEP. NEVER HEARD OF IT. But it’s all good! I’m all for trying new blends, even if it’s a fandom I’m not a part of! SO thank you for sending this tea my way! Also thank you for like.. a whole lot of chocolate teas. I used to hate chocolate and caramel and toffee and pretty much any dessert tea but WOW TEA IS GREAT MUCH LOVE THANK.

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One hell of a butler.

this tea is kinda confusing…

but maybe, for some, so is the idea that a Faustian contract can maybe turn into love.
your soul for all your wishes.

i think it’s going to take a little practice to get the coconut to come out for me. mostly caramel and vanilla is what i taste. i bet cream and sugar will also inspire music and dancing with this tea. the raspberry leaves might be the weird part? but hell, that’s appropriate. Sebastian is a Demon. and he may be reliable, but he’s also unpredictable.
heartless and sadistic and sarcastic.
his demon form might include black wings and high-heeled stiletto boots. duh. just sayin.
he loves cats!
he keeps at least thirteen hidden in his closet to prevent Ciel from finding out.
so ya know he can’t be all that through and through bad.


13 hidden closet cats, yes exactly.


Black Butler is awesome although the manga is still ongoing and the second season of the anime was dissapointing. I’m rewatching it on Netflix :D


Black Butler!

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“Pain tends to heal as time passes, but personally I don’t want time to heal my wounds.
You may think you’ve escaped the pain and forgotten it, but that’s nothing more than stagnation.
You can’t move forward without the pain.”

yes quite the dramatic goth, i know.
(raise your hand if you relentlessly danced to Bauhaus in the early 90’s!)
but the show, Black Butler, so amazingly poetic.
the whole show was poetry of sorts.
… and how often does that happen?

not quite as chocolatey as the description might have you believe. and i kinda drank it really fast before i had to run out the door for work. tea taste fail i knowww.
but this tea is definitely dark in flavor mood. there is no slight upturn on the corners of this tea’s mouth.

i suspect that over-leafing and brewing directly in hot almond milk on the stove with make this tea dominate. i’ll brew it that way soon.

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