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Sipdown (538)!

Today is Star Wars Day/May The 4th Be With You so it felt like the perfect opportunity to finish off this tea; drinking a Star Wars tea today made my heart so happy.

I did it up as an iced tea with milk, and flavour wise it was nothing to write home over. I mean, it also wasn’t bad – but all the excitement came from the thematic serendipity of it all. Smooth and silky; mostly notes of milk chocolate with faint undertones of hazelnut, peppery and sweet rooibos, and a hint of vanilla. In a way it was like watered down chocolate milk. Only thing that would have made it better would have been drinking it out of my Star Wars teapot; but that wouldn’t have worked iced and it was far too hot at home this evening to even think about making a hot cup of tea…

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Not as bold of a flavour as I remember from last time; still a nice combo of vanilla, chocolate, and toasted hazelnut though and a blend I can get on board with flavour wise. It’s kind of that simple…

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It’s opening weekend of the Last Jedi – at least for a few more hours.

I was going to go see SW:TLJ on opening night; I’m a pretty big fan of the series in general (I mean, you’d hope so since I have a Star Wars tattoo) but Friday was also the day I found out my phone got stolen and, like, well life stuff happened. Now I’m kinda hesitant to shell out the money to see it right now ‘cause I know in the next few days when I finally get around to replacing my phone that’s gonna be a BIG expense. Ugh! Fucking money…

So, while I wait to be able to watch the movie in theaters I’m drinking a cup of this tea instead as, like, a nod to the series I guess? Or like, just to be thematically appropriate? I don’t know, really – I just thought it felt right.

I liked this one the first time I tried it, and I’m liking it now too. I just skimmed my first tasting note, and it looks like what I’m experiencing this time is meshing pretty damn closely so I’m not gonna both really expanding on what I’m getting now past the fact it’s basically just a very smooth Nutella-like flavour with some almond stuff happening too. I think anything further would just be repetitious.


Oh man, I need to see it! I was at Disney this weekend and there was TLJ merch everywhere

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This is a queued tasting note.

This was really good! I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from it because Adagio fan blands can be a little dicey and often muddled flavour wise – and this is a blend I’m not familiar with. However, this was really good! It was very smooth, and rich/full bodied.

It’s very chocolatey, with lots of nutty undertones. The almond is really obvious, sweet and marzipan heavy! However, I also felt like I was picking up notes of hazelnut and combined with that very sweet, creamy milk chocolate notes it sort of tastes like Nutella? I think it’s a great dessert option though, and there are worse flavours for a tea than Nutella. It does have an heir of familiarity to it that all Adagio blends kind of have; but that’s just because I’ve tried these same base teas in the blend so many times now – just in different combinations.

Now, does it remind me of Luke Skywalker, or any of the Skywalkers, really? No. Not at all. It’s still great, though!

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