518 Tasting Notes

Another tea from the wonderful boychik

smooth, easy drinking. The first few infusions have that weird taste that is gone by the third steeping. Long lasting. (I have to leave before I’m done, so I’ll save the leaves and finish up tomorrow.)

I’m getting a nice calm from this tea, too, with a bit of energy. More of a focus than a calm, I guess. Hmmm. Hopefully, it helps me with sprints in a little bit.


It’s nice smooth sheng. Few days ago I sample one and felt completely drugged. I wouldn’t really mind before going to bed but it was 2pm and I had to drive to pick up kids fr school ….


I love the focused/calm thing. Sheng is so weird!


It was quite tasty. I may have to get some of this.

Terri HarpLady

love me some sheng!

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I got a sample of this from the most generous boychik in exchange for some sample size baggies.

I really like this one. Easy drinking. Smooth. It started earthy sweet, kind of like bell pepper. It ended just kind of sweet, nice flavor. I got several infusions out of this, at least a dozen….


Yay, happy you like it.

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I swear I’d added this one to my cupboard, but it wasn’t there, and it still showed up on my wishlist. I’ve had this tea for a while now, so I’m not sure. I’m not going to worry about it.

I like this tea a lot. I really need to do it gongfu again, but I’ve been doing western style with it, which is what I have again today.

I like this tea this way, too. Green, creamy, tasty. Smooth.

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I like this tea. I like it a lot. Lemony. Tasty. Full of energy.


Love the name! Don’t think I could do lemon in the morning though


It’s yummy and energizing. Butiki does have other guayusa teas that are a little sweeter if that’s what you need for morning.


I love it for an afternoon pick me up! It is also great iced :)

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I haven’t been writing too many tasting notes as of late. Part of it was the site being so buggy. Part of it was just sheer laziness on my part.

But I told myself I would write one for this pu. And then I didn’t take any notes while I drank it all day.

Shame on me.

I liked it. I was very sad to see it end.

Unfortunately, that is about all I can say.



You used your new set! Cute!


Gorgeous gaiwan!


It was actually my first time using a real gaiwan (my other one is an easy gaiwan) and it went surprisingly well. I am really glad I had the tiny tea tray, though!


Its working now, so im trying to post as many as i remember or consult to my Instagram;) glad you like it. it is one of my many faves fr. Mandala.

Terri HarpLady

beautiful set!

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drank Genmaicha by Music City Tea
518 tasting notes

I had this last night. It’s been a while since I’ve had genmaicha, which is one of my favorites.

First, let me admit that I ordered this tea to get free shipping and because I could get it in a little tin for $5. I got a pretty decent amount of tea in the little tin.

The leaves are a little more broken than I like in my tea, but not too bad. But then I oversteeped it on the first infusion. The combination of the two added just a little bitterness, but not nearly as bad as I expected for the oversteep. The rice is really nice and adds a great flavor.

Second infusion was really quick, and I paid more attention. Perfect!

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I got this tea in a small swap with Frolic. Thank you!

I really, really liked it in the first few infusions. And then my love for this tea faded. I followed Brenden’s recommendations.

I do think this is a lovely tea. The vanilla and cedar add something great to a good quality Tieguanyin. But I kind of wish I could taste the Tieguanyin on its own.

I’m really glad I got to try it, and I’ve got enough left for one more mug, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this.

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I got this one from boychik. She told me to have it first out of the huge box of tea she sent me, so I did.

I’m glad I did. My taste isn’t quite all the way back, but it’s getting a lot better.

This one is quite nice. It has that sort of weird not quite minerally flavor that I get from a lot of sheng. I like it. It also developed some nice fruitiness. Really nice texture.

I still have enough for another try of this when I’m back to healthy, too.


(Also the first time using my freshly seasoned sheng pot!)


Glad you liked it. Next time try in gaiwan, it’s neutral


I’m trying to get some more seasoning into that new pot, so that’s why I used it. I’ll try the rest in the gaiwan next time.

hippiechick 42

I need a HUGE box of tea. lol

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Needed something I could taste this morning. This was the tea I picked.

Oh so yummy.

Even sick, I can taste this one, rich, cocoa-y, vanilla-y.

And now I want to go up north. It’s a good weekend for it, too, from what I hear. The leaves should be spectacular. Nope. I’m curled up on the couch, still sick.



Feel better soon!


I’m actually feeling a ton better today than I have been feeling, but I’m still definitely sick. I have a feeling that the weekend spent doing nothing but drinking tea and chilling on my couch will help a ton.

Lariel of Lórien

Believe in the powers of CA, and feel better.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

It’s POURING rain. Terrible weekend…And the colors are already past peak :-(


Downstate we’re just starting to turn. Upper Lower is probably perfect right now.

But yes, it’s raining here, too. Lousy. I’m glad I’m stuck inside.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I do enjoy the sound of the rain while having tea, though :-)


It is a good combination.

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People recommended that I try some shu to help with my head congestion. I picked this one since I have the mini tuochas. (I brought my scale to work and didn’t bring it back home yet, so no way to measure.)

It didn’t really help.

But this tea has such great mouth feel. And I could kind of smell and taste this.

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Still relatively new to drinking teas, or so I feel, even though I’ve been at it for several months now.

I’m drinking more and more of different varieties of tea.

It’s been a few months that I’ve been on here. I’ve expanded from greens and flavored teas to now I’m all about the oolongs and some unflavored blacks. I’m mostly drinking unflavored teas now, but there are a few of those flavored ones that have a special place in my heart.

Pu-erh is also something I’ve recently found that I enjoy.

I have four kitties and a spouse.


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