676 Tasting Notes

drank Yunnan Black Tea by The Tea Spot
676 tasting notes

Thank you to Bo from the Tea Spot for this big Sample tea!

I’ve lived in Colorado for almost two happy years now. Colorado is also the place where TEA discovered ME. What a loving tea romance that has grown into an everlasting love.
One of the charming things about my State are the many tea houses and tea companies located primarily around Boulder (about 45 minutes from me). And a tea festival at the Dushanbe http://boulderteahouse.com

One place I have yet to visit is The Tea Spot.
Today I recieved some samples from Bo which I am excited to try.
I would normally drink a Yunnan Black Tea in the morning, but by 6PM I was falling asleep on the couch. That would never do! Too early to fall asleep. The green-eyed logo on the package beckoned me…“pick me”! (That was a previous joke from a morning when I had a hard time waking up..but somewhat true again.)

I followed the packet instructions to use boiling water and steep 3-5 minutes. I decided on 4 minutes because I like a hefty cup of tea.
I made a 16oz pot using 2 tsp leaf.

OH NO! NO! The tea was WAY TOO STRONG!
I took a big sip and WOW! The liquor was very strong and bitter like I had soaked some tobacco leaves in with the tea and threw in a bag of cinders. No chocolate or malt. BLEH, MEH!

Something was wrong. I put the blame on myself, threw out the tea and began again. (I could do this, I read.. The Little Engine that Could!)

(Bo, don’t gasp in horror… trust me!)

I began again with only 1 tsp leaf, boiling water and 2.5 minutes on the steep time. The liquor was a nice red brown and much, much milder!
The wet leaves smelled bready and smoky.

You must not oversteep this tea!

The taste was a little malty and not very chocolatey. I say again, that there was really not a cocoa flavor in the tea that I could pick out at all.
This was a very, very smoky tea with tannin that splayed all over the tongue creating a prickly, peppery feel. I tasted a bit of potato like kettle chips.
I tried adding some sweetening and cream which worked well.

So, I wasn’t very impressed with this black tea. It lacked depth and smoothness. The smoke was too powerful. Something was too raw and untamed.

I am however, looking forward to more tastings and appreciate the opportunity to try this tea.

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Thank you Roughage for this beautiful Sample (ha) tea!

Today I received a ‘sample’ box from the U.K. with a Postal label that said Royal Mail! Now isn’t that nice. Colorado has no such stamps. Maybe a stamp of an antelope playing on the range (where seldom is heard a discouraging word).

With a stamp like that I couldn’t just rip the box open. I had to put the pinky up and delicately open the parcel. Yikes! Nobody told my new best Steepster friend that a little bit of tea would be just fine (don’t get ideas, he now knows that a wee little bit will be ok to send in the future!).
That box had lots of tea…and all new to me. One tea (a Pu-erh) is used for making Yak Butter Tea! Oh, and Roughage sent me a Chai Butter Tea recipe that I’ll share during the Olympics so I can go all U.K.


I chose first this tea for this evening after supper. I had a small alderwood smoked white meat chop and fresh sauteed spinach greens. Simple.
A fruity White Tea would pair well followed by some fresh cherries later in the evening.

There was about an ounce of dry mix in the vacume bag that just looked healthy. Green with white fur jasmine silver needle and lots of fruity bits. Other big green leaves and brown twiggy things. No idea what all is in there. Smells like heaven though.
The steep time was 4-6 min. at 176F (80C)

When ready, the light yellow pour was fruitliy fragrant not floral.
I took a big gulp.
Now this was good jasmine white tea! So smooth and creamy for a white at what I consider was a long steep time.
The fruitiness was mouth-watering. I could taste some of the strawberry and pineapple but no citrus. The blend was harmonious. The addition of fruit softens the jasmine, which can sometimes be overpowering.

This is really, really good! Even jasmine sceptics would like this tea.

Thank you so much Roughage for this beautiful tea! I can’t wait to try all the others! I could have a party during the Olympics with the tea you sent! Come and join in!


LOL Bonnie I always smile when I get something from the UK and see that too! :)


He really did send me a ton of tea and a recipe for Butter Chai Tea with milk that I want to make for my grandkids during the Olympics. Will be fun!


Sounds amazing! Got add to my shopping list immediately. :)


I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s nice to share.

Autumn Hearth

In addition to the tea, alderwood smoked anything sounds amazing! I miss Colorado and Montana food, I think everything tastes better there. Must be the mountain air tempered with wood grilling.


I’ve been fortunate to live close to good resources in Northern California also. I always cook in season though, locally sources foods and organic. My monthly budget is only $200 but I eat like a queen. No packaged stuff hardly ever (I don’t make pasta), less meat and more veggies. I have almost as many herbs and spices as tea. I think you can cook well wherever you are. Good spice resources online are Cube Marketplace (L.A.) and Savory Spice Shop ( Savory is in Colorado…I have one in town here).

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Happy Wedding to our Dear Steepster Friend Angrboda!

This is a TEA many of us have tasted (but not all) that is
the sweetest of gifts.
May it linger on and on, filling your lives with memories to grow old on and give you joy and laughter.

Blessings to you both from all of us Steepsters


Many MANY happy years to come! We love you!! I toast your new marriage with Butiki’s Pistachio Ice Cream. Goes perfect with the wedding cake! <3


Oh what a grea idea! A tailored tea for the bride :-)
Steepster would not be the same without you, and to follow on Azzrian, I toast you with David’s Tea Buttered Rum that goes perfect with the wedding fiesta!

Joshua Smith

Best of luck! I’m toasting with Top Leaf asamushi Sencha. Congratulation again, and have fun on the honeymoon!


Congratulations! I’ll enjoy my cup of Adagio’s Yunnan Noir in your honor :)

Daisy Chubb

Cheers to you, our dear Ang! Many many happy years full of ponies, love and laughter :D A toast with Ginger Peach to you!


Congratulations, Angrboda! I toast you with a glass of Ginger Ale Bai Mu Dan – iced. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you start your new life together.


God Grant you both Many Years! I drank White Emperor from Osterlandsk Thehus to celebrate with you!


I wish you lots of joy in your new life together…..and I will have a cuppa Tan Yang Te Ji tomorrow to celebrate your nuptials!


Sending wishes of lots of joy and many happy moments for you two. :D :D


Congrats ~ I toast you with a mug of Butterbeer.


Congrats girlie!!!!! Woot!!!

Autumn Hearth

Hope it was a wonderful wedding day! Many blessings on your marriage!


Again congrats on your wedding. I wish you both much happiness and many years together!

Hesper June

Have a beautiful life with your hubby!


Mabuhay! and may your life be a one of woven branches, drawing your lives closer and making them richer with your union. Best wishes on a amazing life together


Best wishes and CONGRATS!!

Invader Zim

Congrats! Hoping for many healthy, blissful years to come!


Congrats tea friend, that is awesome!! best wishes to you and the hubs :)




Tillykke med dit bryllup, Angrboda! I wish the best for you and your husband.


Thank you everybody. I’m toasting back with cherry roiboos cold brew.

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drank Rum Raisin by Lupicia
676 tasting notes

Thank you Will Work For Tea for this Sample!

My very first experience in a tea store that sold loose leaf tea was Lupicia, in the Valley Fair Mall (HUGE) in San Jose,CA. probabably 4 years ago. The truth is that I never would have entered if my daughter wasn’t into tea. The set-up was cool. There was a very long angled table with round containers inserted in cutout grooves with tins of tea samples all labeled so that you could pick them up, open and sniff them. There must have been hundreds of tea tins.
They smelled so delicious that even I couldn’t resist and bought a Muscat, Cookie and Strawberry Rose Champagne tea with no idea whatsoever on how to brew what I had purchased. (I gave most of the tea to my daughter because brewing tea was a mystery to me). The memory of the shop was my Disneylandish tea introduction.

Every time I see the name Lupicia, I think of the shop at Valley Fair.
When I received this tea sample, I opened the packet (as I had the little tins) and inhaled the scent. The rum wasn’t too strong and I couldn’t make out the raisin smell. I looked at the tea which was very dark chocolate brown (smelled cocoaish to me) and there were golden plump raisins mixed in. Aha! This should be good!

I used a small glass teapot to brew western style about 16oz of tea.

The scent and the flavor of rum was not super strong when I raised my much and took a big sip.(I think DAVIDsTEA Buttered Rum is a lot stronger…which some people like and some don’t)
The raisin flavor was harder to pick out. Unless this was Raisin tea (which is like saying dried grape tea) the flavor was an added enhancer. It was an enhancer but the flavor showed up in a way that I didn’t expect and transformed the tea into something else.

I added sweetening and cream. This was a good hot tea but not awesome.

I got distracted and my cup of tea cooled down.
When I went back to to my cup, I noticed the flavor was different than before and tasted just like a Chocolate Chip Cookie!
And it was even like Melting Chocolate Chip Ice Cream when you’re munching on the bits of chocolate!

BUT THIS IS RUM RAISIN! I didn’t get it!

I’m sure I lost my marbles. Someone else has to try this and tell me what they think! Let it cool down and tell me please!

Rum Raisin was better cool! I’m making a Chilled Rum Raisin Latte!


This is on my shopping list – if I ever get it I will let you know what I think. I do love lupicia tea so who knows.

Will Work For Tea

I usually have to wait for this to cool off a bit. Also with Lupicia they consider a cup of tea to be 5 ounces of water. I should have written you a note with that to keep in mind – sorry!

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Pre-release Review

Inside my last Verdant order, I received this pre-release Pu’er. That’s all that was on the packet. I shot an e-mail off to David Duckler asking “How do I brew this Sheng Pu’er?”
The answer came:
Gaiwan for 4-6oz water and 1tsp leaf
1 second rinse
3 second steep
add 1 second for each additional steep

I could do that. (Gulp)

This is a dark brown compact bark with a bit of sheen.

The color of the liquor remained light golden honey except for the first steeping which was yellow.

Wet Leaf
The wet leaves are the longest, beautiful olive brown leaves I’ve seen… some almost 5 inches long. Their scent began as ocean seaweed and progressed to salty raisin tobacco then a meaty light tobacco. Smoky at all stages.

I was going to begin talking about each steeping 1,2,3 and tell what I tasted. I was having difficulty.

“There shouldn’t be any problem reviewing this tea”, I told myself.
I walked over to the couch, put my feet up and reclined…waiting.

I waited for some time…and trying to be still…waited some more.

I sat thinking about Pu-er’s in general. Why are so many people fearful about them. Yes, it’s true there’s a bit of preparation with Pu-er and you can think too hard about it so that the pleasure’s gone and it becomes a chore. “Do I rinse it?” “How long do I steep this thing?”
“What is Shu, Sheng, raw and cooked, sounds like a menu item?” “What am I supposed to be tasting? Dirt, apples, mushrooms,or honey?” “What makes it awesome or gross in the first place?” I’ve been asked these questions.

No wonder so many people just throw in the towel (or toucha)!

Maybe I was thinking too hard about this particular Pu-er myself.
Pu-er shouldn’t be that difficult it should be pleasurable.

I went back to the kitchen counter more relaxed, took a deep breath and poured boiling water to wash the Pu-er for 1 second, steeped it 3 seconds and poured some to drink.
It smelled smoky and tasted like light corn and moist sweet rice at the front and finish. This was a tea full of juice and body. The flavor was smooth for a young tea. (This wasn’t an earthy flavor so for those who like green tea or white tea this would appeal most to you. Smooth and light.)

When I poured again…this lightly smoke scented tea produced prickly nettles on my tongue tip for a few seconds. Then, the tea became smooth with a more mature mouthfeel than young tea would normally possess. That fact sets this tea apart as a stunner. It doesn’t have the roughness and harsh feel of a young tea. There was a faint gyokuro taste, a richer cup than the first steep.
On the finish the tea began to nag me with a taste memory of something I used to grill but I couldn’t remember what it was.
I began to obsess…standing in my kitchen and looking through my spice cabinet for clues. “I know this flavor…I have it somewhere in my kitchen and it goes with plank grilling salmon,” I said.

I have a container filled with flavored salts (hickory, expresso, ginger, applewood, lavendar, balsamac, hawaiian, and so on)…and I looked through the bin until I found one of them that said Alderwood Salt. I took a tiny taste. Ah! That was the one I was looking for.

I tasted ALDER in this tea. Alder is a sweet wood…close to corn and sticky rice in scent.
I found the sweet wood flavor in the tea delicate, sweet and mild.
There was again some hint of corn on the finish lingering.

I knew there was more for the tea to say. I had a little sample and discovered that I am limited with one or two tastings. This is a Pu’er that is like a good book. I would have to take time and read it over many steepings and many encounters to begin to know what it has to say.

I had relaxed enough to really enjoy this Pu-er, the flavor had became unrestrained and full of life. I am always learning from tea about that need to be present with it.

There are so many different kinds of Pu-er, light and dark ones, earthy and mild. A little rinse and off you go. They are fun to try and share with friends. Good for the body (and you know the rest)…good for the soul. Nothing really to be fearful of trying because as with any tea, they are all different and you will find ones that you love.

This tea will age well. It is already mature beyond it’s years. A young Pu-er with a bright future. Fresh and flirty. A Pu-er inviting me to take my time and not rush the relationship. Light and delicious now, but just wait….

Joshua Smith

Mm, this sounds really nice. I’ll certainly be first in line to get some when they release it to the rest of us :)


On to my list it goes.

Dylan Oxford

Haha, here’s a secret: I’m one of the people that fear pu’er ;)


Nah not you! I’m a grandma Dylan! There are all kinds of Pu’er ‘s like this one which is not the dark earthy type if you don’t like thst sort of thing. I play with them just like any tea.I add sugar to some dark ones and make lattes with others. Some puerhs are spicy.
I fear sour artificial flavoring!


You are always so expressive with your posts!

Dylan Oxford

Haha, yeah, I didn’t say it was rational ;). I had read a few reviews of pu’er that scared me off a bit at first – some had said that the flavor was earthy like mushrooms… and I decided that probably wasn’t going to be for me. Although, the reviews that I’ve seen from some folk on the Verdant pu’ers makes me believe that there’s a few different levels of pu’er out there :)


I always Love reading your reviews!! They are very well written, informative,..accurate, with subtle hints of humor while maintaining a engrossing story as well!! I aspire to be as descriptive and passionate with my own reviews some day!! Any tips for tasting/writing reviews? I would like to start enjoying Pu-erh tea..I have never had it before!! What Pu-erh’s would you suggest for a beginner? What companies should I purchase from?


I will send you a note. Thank you.


Paul, I’ve changed my mind…let’s write a musical instead! Dancing Gaiwans and Singing Beengs!

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drank Troika by Kusmi Tea
676 tasting notes

Thank you Will Work For Tea for this Sample!

I know for sure that God is watching over me! I am a dumb woman who almost got herself killed tonight!

After the monsoon thunder and lightning storm this afternoon had finished (I thought), I decided to head 20 miles South go to Vespers at St. Spyridons Greek Orthodox Church.
As I drove closer to Loveland, the sky look ominous. Dark clouds were thickening but nothing was happening. Maybe they would scurry past to the Prairie, I thought.

Somewhere towards the end of the service when the Chanters (and those present) were singing “Lord Have Mercy” in English, Greek, Arabic and Russian…BANG! ALL…you know what…broke loose! We kept singing and at the end scurried to our cars (which were now becoming flooded with a Noah-esque like downpour of rain). I had to wade in ankle deep water to my car.

The lightening and thunder was banging overhead. Somewhat like having my picture taken by the sky…bang…flash…over and over and then…I hit a pocket of water on a 4 lane busy main road and hydroplaned!
The water covered my car and I was blind! I came out of the tunnel of water to a bang flash. I was scared but my brakes were ok. I kept going..inching home.
I had a funny intuitive girl feeling that something else wasn’t right.
My car is a titanium silver Rav4 and not that easy to see at dusk in a rainstorm.
As soon as the bang boom fear, watery feet and hydroplaning terror kicked in…I was a white knuckle, all hands on the steering wheel mess. I am never going out in the rain like that again ever, ever!

I chose this tea for it’s great Russian name Troika! The horse drawn sleigh. Visions of some of my favorite old Russian movies came to mind. The Brothers Karamazov with Yul Brynner and We Live Again from 1935. Wintry days with hot smoky tea. Even though this is Summer, the cool stormy weather seemed right for it.
I used only 6 oz. water to make a strong cup and 1 tsp tea. Brew time was 3.5 minutes.
The flavor was smoky and citrus fruity. Somewhere between an Assam and Orange Pekoe with more smoke though. At first I notice a light bergamot creaminess then as it cools there is astringency.
I wouldn’t call the flavor weak. It’s a pretty hefty brew.
I added sweetening eventually which was good, then cream which was also acceptable (and the cream cut the tannin).

My advice is not to walk away from this cup and let it cool down. It gets way to astringent. Drink it hot and it’s pretty tasty. A good blaster for handwarming while riding in your Troika!

The Lord really did have Mercy on me tonight! http://youtu.be/vyFkPd6fEuI Tchaikovsky (Song of the Cherubim which is a song sung at every Liturgy but not always this particular version by Tchaikovsky)


Glad you’re okay.

Joshua Smith

Oh dear, I just looked up the radar for your area, and that was some nasty stuff. I’m glad you’re okay!

On a brighter note, I’ll keep this tea in mind for winter. My college campus doesn’t have enough trees, and the wind howls right outside the building I’m living in this year. A nice strong Russian tea might be exactly what I need to warm up after braving the elements.


Thank you Kwinter!!!!
Joshua Smith… It would be good Russian style with sour cherry jam. You put a big tablespoon in the tea and shlurp some out as you drink the tea with your spoon. Really good.


YIKES- I am glad you got home safely! Freaky thunderstorms scare the heck out of me and are one of the reasons I live in the desert southwest these days. Glad you had your tea to alm you down.


That sounds super scary! The few times I’ve driven in downpours have not been fun, so I’m glad you made it home safe :)

Daisy Chubb

I second Kwinter <3


oh my, so glad you are safe and sound now Bonnie!! phew ;s

Dylan Oxford

Glad you’re okay. This is one of those times where I’m thankful for Washington’s perpetual rain, instead of surprisingly abusive instant-rain!


Gosh. Kindly don’t do that again, Bonnie! O.o


Happy to hear everything turned out ok!!! :)

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Thank you Will Work For Tea for this Sample!

I’ve been wanting to try this Sticky Rice Pu-erh for a long time!

I can’t wait…I just can’t wait to blurt out…I love this stuff!
It tastes soooo good!

Now I’ve spoiled everything didn’t I. No need to read further.

Don’t you want to know why I blurted it out? (A few of you just said “No, not really.”)
It’s ok, my feelings won’t be hurt. I’m just an old disabled woman approaching my last breath on this earth! Sniff. (guilt)

Well, now that I’ve stooped so low…let’s get on with it!

The little cute Pu-erh Tuocha seems so harmless…so…‘little bitty cutesy’…until you put some boiling water on the little sucker and it explodes into a MONSTER GREEN floating island!
(Do not use a tea ball for this tuocha). I used a glass PIAO and half expected little fish to come out of the green algae clumpy SEA WORLD at the bottom of the container.

I steeped my pu-erh too long. The color was brassy gold. The flavor…um that was good…a bit bitter with some tannin. I could really taste the sticky rice which was the bomb! I knew that the right steep time would be fantastic tasting. (I finished that first cup of tea…yum!)

I cut the steep time in half but the color of the liquor remained the same. These were some robust leaves…Herculeaves with muscles!

Sipping the sticky rice tea was unbelievably roasty and sweet, like you could chew on your tea and find little pieces of nutmeats or candied things from heaven in a bowl with a spoon. Dessert, coated rice, almost creamy but not quite.
There were many golden cups to come…the liquor was so rich and heavy with flavor that I took my glass mug and put it in the frig for later, just to see how the tea would taste cold.

An old question came to mind…
I’ve asked myself on occasion, would I ever drink a pu-erh with a meal?
Usually, the answer is NO! I like to savor the pu-erh all by itself.

This pu-erh, I would drink to wake up my taste buds before a meal with an appetizer. I might have it with dessert or with a light meal. It expands the way I think about pu-erh’s. My cupboard should have this.

Cold Yes, the cup in the frig was absolutly stunning! Really refreshing!I did sweeten mine a little and loved it that way.

Will Work For Tea

Really glad you liked this one! I’m still playing around with this tea – I find the first steep to be delicious, but the resteeps are horrible! I really badly want to like this as much as the first steep, but haven’t found the right approach yet. Steeps that are hotter and longer aren’t working for me…


I love the ones I have too….

Daisy Chubb

mmm is it like a rice pudding with a little sugar? I’ll have to add some cream too and experiment ;)


Hum, I rinsed it first. Did 2 minutes in an open container (sort of the PIAO thingy) with about 6oz boiling water and then about 1 minute each steep after that with 4-6 oz water. Maybe your water to toucha ratio is off. The liquor on mine was very rich.


I didn’t like mine with cream but I thought about some richer milk product like sweetened condensed milk like in Asian hot milk tea’s and coffee’s.

Daisy Chubb

mmm that would do the trick! Creaminess and sweetness all in one


Now I want something to EAT! (Why are they doing lawn maintanence on Saturday!!! I don’t want to hear the mowers all day!!!)


Herculeaves! That cracks me up. I love this Chinese restaurant nearby because they give you puerh when you eat there so I drink it the entire time to the point my boyfriend thinks I’m gonna just drink the whole pot instead of eat.


I’m with Amanda – Herculeaves!!! :D Made me laugh! Lynne-tea’s sending me a tuocha of this, because I want to try it after all the hype too! Of course I won’t be able to get more….


Golden Moon and some other makes one but don’t know how they are.


Oh Yunnan colorful sells some sticky rice under glutenous rice.

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The Monsoon season finally began in the Rockies! Thunder, lightening and rain! Ba Boom!

I didn’t grow up in a place where lightening comes to the ground, so today when I was on Steepster just sitting on my couch looking at my Kindle Fire by my big window a huge bolt came Zip Zing down in the street outside with a Zap Crash that scared me so badly that I bolted and ran into the hall with my cup of tea. If anyone had a camera, I think I could qualify for the cat photo contest that Verdant has going on. A very scared cat cowering in a ball on the floor with big round eyes!

Things did eventually calm down. Drats, I was out of food! Venturing out was brave I think for an ex-California gal. But out I went.

When I grocery shop at Sunflower Natural Market I always meander over to the cold beverage case and look over the chilled tea to see what’s new and what’s local. I found some bottled tea’s that were from Arizona which borders Colorado. They said ‘Unsweetened’ and ‘Brewed in the Bottle’. Hum. No artificial flavors either (mumbling to myself) so I bought one.

I was lazy and picked up a roast chicken with no seasoning. Who does that? No seasoning (I get to do it!). 1 bird = 4 meals for me.

Later, after roasty chicken, I opened up the cold tea and took a long cool blasty drink.
A long cold…unimpressive blasty drink of sour unflavored fruity tea that could be passion fruit I suppose maybe.
The tea smelled more apple, pear and maybe there is passion fruit. Well, to tell the truth it smells like Motts applesauce but tastes very sour.
And tastes like Motts applesauce when you doctor it with sweetening like I did. It was just tooooo sour to drink without sweetening. Yucky!

Here’s the deal. Some fruit you can’t leave in the bottle too long because it gets sour. Unless you temper it with another fruit or sweeten it, bad things happen. Adding black tea didn’t help this fruit. The tannin created a mixture that could take grime off furniture.

Sorry Tia Lilly…this was not a happy unsweetened passion fruit flavor tea experience!

Wah wah :(


Hallelujah for the rain! We stand a slight chance tomorrow. We are starting to get small fires breaking out around here. He had the driest month ever recorded in Indiana during June. Usually it is one of our wetter months.

I love to watch storms unless it hits the TV tower and sends sparks through the house. Several years ago it actually hit so hard it welded a skillet to the burner. Cat eyes indeed.

As for this tea – I think this is the first really negative review I have seen from you. Rejoice you don’t have to drink bad tea too often! Grab something you know you love and leave this one behind.


I did upset The Tea Spot with a review about sour tea the other day. So here’s why I’m not super negative, I can’t just judge a tea on personal taste and mark it down. Something else has to be wrong with it! Sourness, weak, bitter, horrid blending …something.

Daisy Chubb

I might go so far to say that is the blessing and curse of having tea companies active on Steepster. So many positive aspects – and the communication and care some companies put in to responding to reviews is unheard of in other businesses! The only downside (in my opinion!) is the feeling of being watched and not wanting to start a conflict with a negative review. I don’t want to feel like I censor myself, but I think I do sometimes! Just speaking from my experience – I don’t think that’s what others do as well, it’s just something I’ve come to discover about myself (self awareness). Now I’m just rambling!


I have made it absolutely clear that if I receive a tea from any company to review (I don’t care who it is) I am going to give an honest opinion! Fortunately the tea I receive is usually some of the finest. That could change at any time though. What I won’t do is inflate a review. Why? What would be the point? I am looking always for the tea’s that speak to me wherever they come from. The other recreational fun flavored tea’s I’m not expecting quite as much from but still…I expect care and service.


And ….I pour myself out into a review which is hard to do if you are insincere and a phony. Now I’m rambling!


I grade on a curve. A simple bagged tea can get a high score from me if it is good at what it is. Same with entry level loose leaf. Is that fair to the more expensive loose teas? My thought is it is a different audience with different expectations. Some (a few/lots, I don’t know) here probably disagree. But, yeah, sometimes bad is bad. Lord I was born a ramblin man..


On the other hand these companies are trusting us to be honest with our reviews and have invested much effort in creating /procuring tea. That’s a lot of power and responsibility! We shouldn’t forget and bash on a whim or because we had a bad day which I’ve seen before!

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Thank you DHart1214 for this Sample tea!

Um breakfast tea! I love my breakfast tea!

Not being a morning person ever in my life, I need help crawling out of my beloved bed. I begin by inching towards the light at the far end of a foreboading tunnel.
My dear father ‘Bill’ used to throw open my bedroom door and do his best WWII bugle call “Time to get up Bonnie”! This would elicit evil words from my innocent mouth that I could never remember when fully awake, but were surely worthy of going to confession. Mom (Pat) would ‘rush’ (poor darling had painful rheumatoid arthritis from age 35) down the hall, “Bill, you know how she is…you can’t wake her up like that!” But dad never learned. He didn’t know that it was painful to be startled awake. I TAKE TIME! (Sure do miss them now and they sure loved each other!)

My morning tea gives me time to pull off those remaining shadowy cobwebs.

The Tea Spot packaging was perfect for a non-morning person. It looked like a big green eye on a white package screaming “Pick Me!”…so I did…since I could see it above all others.
There was a word I could make out…Breakfast…ok. I’m obedient. And a phrase…“boost your mojo!”
Mojo? Where did I put my Mojo? (I think I left it somewhere next to “I’m sexy and I know it!”)

I used a clean Finum filter and steeped this tea 4 minutes.
The scent was light, sweet and fragrant along the line of an Orange Pekoe.

I took a sip and the blend was quite mild without much smoke but having a bit of fruit, a hint of tannin (hardly any really) and medium body. Later I could feel the mojo…as though the caffeine was revving an engine in the background ready to varoom…race ahead through my day.

What black tea was used for this blend? Assam, pekoe,ceylon for sure…what else? Still…I would have thought with so much black tea variety (4 black tea’s are in this blend) there would be more smoke or fruit. Peach, yam, orange pekoe…something deeper.
The caffeine part would be good for someone who likes a kick in the backside like me though. I keep a few high voltage tea’s around for migraine control.

This was a good mid-range morning tea.


My Dad did exactly the same thing to me when I was little.. to the same effect!


My dad went to a similar school of “how to wake your kids.” He pounded on my door and shouted TIME TO GET UP! In his deep voice. I mastered the art of chirping happily, “Okay! I’m awake!” as if I had been up for hours. I can still do it to this day. If the phone rings and wakes me, no one has any idea I was sleeping! LOL! I bet my heart is really strong, too….


I think my Dad loved doing it because a) he grew up on an army base and b) he loves being a jokester. Apparently nothing is more funny in the morning than rousing your kids with a jolly: “It’s time to get up.. it’s time to get up.. it’s time to get up in the moor-niiing..”


Mom, "Bill, Bill…stop it…she doesn’t know what she’s saying…! Bill, “Well that’s no excuse! She should know!” “But Bill, she’s still asleep!”….sputter, walks down the hall towards the kitchen but not defeated. Tomorrow the bugle call will be louder.


I wonder if your response actually made him chuckle a bit to himself, encouraging to go at it again the next day.


Probably! But he got mad! He used to cross his leg under the dinner table and kick me every night too! "Dad! " Reminded me of a bratty boy who was not giving up his childhood without a fight! (Afterall I was a feisty 5’9" 5th grader…hardly delicate!)
In every other way we were always fine.


I still have both my parents, they are in their 80s. I don’t have any great stories similar to yours except my day would throw the circuit breaker to my room when he had had enough Black Sabbath for one day. I am not sure how that is possible. He seemed to have a very low tolerance for metal at 110db.


KS Sooooo funny! I’m cracking up laughing! I needed that laugh too! This has been good to hear peoples memories.

The Tea Spot

Hi Bonnie, just wanted to clarify that this tea IS still available on our website! Glad you found it suitable for a morning cup—and I love the comment about the “green eye” logo on the bag. I’ll have to share that with the office!


Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Yeah!


My Dad woke me up singing this song, well the first part anyhow. Starts around 30s. http://youtu.be/8w9xk4hUKoQ
Trouble is, he still did that well into my teens!!! ha!


Oh Indigo! I love that your dad channeled Mr. Rogers! I would have begged for a sleep over at your house!


LOL it was fun when I was a kid… but by the time I told anybody it was out of embarrassment not fun! haha
Still, it’s a fond memory, and you’d have been welcome anytime!! :)


Hahaha, usually it was my mom that woke me up (which took multiple tries), but on the days when my mom wasn’t around, I got a sharp rap on my door and an annoyed-sounding “It’s time to get up!”. It always started me awake so badly that it typically worked (or was it the fear??)

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drank Chaud Les Marrons! by Lupicia
676 tasting notes

Thank you Will Work For Tea for this Sample!

Ah ha! Desert! Roasted Chestnuts? Nah!
As for me Mon Cheri, I do not want roasted chestnuts! I want
macaroons…yes…chestnut macaroons creamy and crunchy.
Have you had them? Rich and perfectly decadent?

There is a glass door not far from my home…‘French Pastry Shop’…it says in fancy black filigree letters. So small a shop, with only 1 large cooled bakery case filled with the most exquisite macarons (French spelling). My favorite ones are Chaud Les Marron Macaron. Lightest cocoa brown…delicate. Only one placed gently in a small paper bag and I’ve scored!
“Where can I go in a hurry?”, I ask myself? There must be a perfect spot in the park to savor this precious treasure.

Can tea be like this?

In the evening, when dinner is a memory…something sweet will add the perfect final touch to my day.
I chose a memory of meandering to the French Pastry Shop for my secret desert as an aid to selecting this tea. Then the enhancement of adding sweetening and a bit of cream (which I think is a must no matter what you say)… just because, how could I not do this?
This is a rich desert tea! If I could get away with sprinkles of chocolate I would do that too! Very satisfying for my sweet craving!

Living a little. Enjoying life.

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Colorado Grandma

Grandmother to 3 teenaged girls and 5 young boys. (we all drink tea!) I began teatime in the Summer over 30 years ago when my children were little. We took a break from play for tea and snacks every day. My children loved tea time.
There are several tea houses close to my home and a Tea Festival in Boulder. Fort Collins is a bit of a foodie town. We brew lots of Beer (Fat Tire is one brand) and have several Spice Shops (Savory was one featured on Food Network).
Colorado State University is a mile from my home and the Rocky Mountains begin to climb at the end of my street. The climate is semi-arid with LOTS OF SUN AT 5000 feet. (Heavy Winter snows start in higher elevations). Living my whole life in Northern California (Silicon Valley) I have to admit that I LOVE IT HERE!!!
I attend a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church and enjoy cooking ethnic foods (all kinds). I am disabled with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.
My family is Bi-racial (African-American, Scots) and Bi-cultural, (Peru, Cyprus, France, Mexico, Native American)
I’ve worked at a Winery, was a System Analyst, in telecom, been an Athlete and Coach, Artist, Vista Volunteer. Love healthy cooking (and delicious food!). Love to travel and have been to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Peru, Croatia, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska


Fort Collins,Colorado

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