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drank Cranberry by Adagio Teas
117 tasting notes

I don’t like cranberry. But there the tea was, staring at me accusingly, the only untried flavour in Adagio’s holiday sampler. I felt guilty, so I tried it. Expecting to pucker my mouth and crinkle my nose with displeasure, I was shocked when I returned to my mug for one sip after another. It’s actually a very nice tea!

There is one thing, though, and it’s that the cranberry is extremely subtle. It’s a very, very, very slightly fruity black tea, and that’s probably why I like it. If you actually like cranberry tea/flavour, I think you may be disappointed by this one.

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Adagio Teas
117 tasting notes

I dunno, maybe my palate isn’t sophisticated enough. Maybe it’s that I boil the water and pour it over the bag and drink the tea, not knowing the first thing (or caring, all that much) about water temperature and steep time. Reading most of the reviews here, I’m beginning to think that ignorance is bliss.

Yes, it needs more pumpkin. Yes, it could probably use some more spice, too. Yes, it’s way heavy on the cloves, especially if you don’t much care for cloves. It does smell nice, though, and it tastes pretty good. What drops this tea in my esteem is its name. Were I to rip off the label and not know what I’m drinking, the tea’d be fine; it’s just that it’s got that Pumpkin Spice name and, well, that’s not really what you get.


It does seems like Adagio’s flavored teas have disappointed many here. You’re not alone!


Thanks, Stephanie! I haven’t really been disappointed by the flavour, just by how well the flavour lives up to the tea’s name (it hasn’t, yet, and I’ve tried three).

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drank Chestnut by Adagio Teas
117 tasting notes

I got this tea as part of a holiday sampler. I’m not a fan of minty (candy cane) or fruity (candy apple, cranberry) and prefer the nuttier, spicier teas, like this one. It’s not a light, refreshing type of tea, though. It’s bold, strong, kind of heavy. It’s the kind of tea I’d have like a protein bar, to tide me over between meals. It’s also good in the early evening, when you’re trying to get that unexpected winter chill out of your bones.

It’s probably not a tea I’d buy on its own, given my druthers, but I’m glad I got to try it as part of the sampler.

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drank Peach Red Tea by Jones Soda, Inc.
117 tasting notes

The peach infusion’s a wee bit strong, but otherwise this is a nice, refreshing drink. Not too sweet, 14g per serving (they use organic cane sugar).

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drank Green Tea by SoBe
117 tasting notes

Blech. The ingredients show nothing that would give it this flavour, but I could taste something kind of spearmint-y in it. Ugh. It’s sweetened with sugar (yes, regular sugar) but they really use a lot, 25g per serving; it’s very sweet.

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drank Zen by Tazo
117 tasting notes

Had this yesterday in sweetened “shaken green iced tea” form at Starbucks. Quite possibly the worst iced green tea I’ve ever had.

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte by Tazo
117 tasting notes

Had this at Starbucks on Tuesday, made with soy milk. It smelled heavenly and tasted delicious. It was warm and comfy and made me hug the cup to me as I drank it.

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2012.10.07: I hear people like to understand other people’s ratings, so here’s a loose guide:

01-29: Dear God, why.
30-49: I’ll finish this cup, I guess, but no more.
50-59: Meh.
60-69: Decent. Maybe I can blend it with something else and make it better.
70-79: Heeey, this is quite good!
80-89: I love it, but I’m not in love with it.
90-100: Permanently resident in my Happy Place.

Update: I have steeped, and it was good. =] Still a tea-ophyte, though.

This is a tea site, so I feel like “well, I’m Indian” should be enough of an introduction. Because, I mean, it’s kind of in my genes, right? But the fact of the matter is that I’m an absolute tea-ophyte.

I’ve just discovered a world beyond Celestial Seasonings. I’ve just discovered “sachets” instead of “normal” tea bags and bought my first loose tea sampler. I don’t get the whole water temperature and steep time thing yet, nor that if I want to get a yixiang tea pot, I’d need one for each type of tea. I have this infuser ball thing, but I haven’t used it yet.

Don’t cringe, but right now I’m still just boiling water and pouring it over a teabag, adding some sugar, and drinking a nice, hot cuppa. I’d like to learn more, I think, and I’d like to train my palate. I figure participating in this community is the best way to do that.

So ya. Hi!


South Jersey, US



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